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Looking to change my doctors (Chestnuts Surgery/St.Anns Road Surgery)  

Can anyone recommend a surgery in our area where the doctors at least seem like they have some compassion and respect for the patients.

Very best


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Heron Surgery down past Manor house, if your an N4ster 

I moved to the Heron practice about three years ago and I’ve been very impressed by the services there.  On my very first visit (for an unrelated issue) the GP identified that I had heart problems and got me into the Homerton and treatment the same day.

Michael, are you N8 or N4 or doesn't it matter re getting accepted into that practice? And from what you're saying about your experience makes it look like referrals go east (Hackney etc) rather than north.

Only goes up to Seymour rd for north, so on the cusp of n4/n8 

N4 and yes, referrals are to City and Hackney Heath trust

Thanks both

West Green Surgery is not the most impressive premises, but the doctors are all good and they are good at referring. 

I'm very happy at West Green too

I've been with the Heron practice for about 14 years - the first nine practically opposite and the last five on Hewitt Road. N8. When I moved they said there was no issue with keeping me. Don;t know if that was because I was already registered.

They are brilliant.

Avoid Bridge House like the plague.

Dr XXXXXX (redacted by site admin) is an awful doctor and I have no idea why she is still practicing.

I highly recommend Queenswood.

thanks everyone



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