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The Conservative candidates in St Ann's have been strangely mute. Requests to interview them have been met with a a stonewall of silence. Odd then that they should choose to announce themselves at this late stage by fly-posting in the ward.

Tottenham councillor and Harringay Online member Alan Stanton has used his hard-worked Flickr blog to point up this anti-social act.

(At least all three can now claim to have been on a Haringey cabinet even as their aims to be in the Haringey Cabinet are likely to be frustrated).

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Apart from notices about lost cats, the only one I remember being discussed on here was a couple of years ago when some Summer Festival in Fairlands park was flyposted :)
JohnD's lost cat example is very much to the point.

My favourite lost cat story was when Tracey Emin put up posters asking for help finding Docket. People took down the posters and sold them for £500. (Tracey did find her cat.)

We do need public spaces/places where people can express campaigning and political views - either in person or on posters and notices. And it's very valuable to have spaces for news about, e.g. local arts, music, street festivals, and sporting events. (And lost pets.)

On the other hand, I assume most people don't want constant, amplified and unavoidable loudspeakers/ orators/ preachers/ on every open space. Plus fly-posting on walls, postboxes, and phone cabinets.

Of course, this is very small scale compared to the huge 'freedom of speech' enjoyed by the billboard companies, who seem able to erect ever larger, more intrusive advertising.

In Edinburgh during the Festival, we liked some of their solutions ( 1 ) ( 2 ). And wondered if we can't adapt them locally.

Don't we need a rebalancing of all these different interests to make our towns and cities more convivial places and spaces?

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale ward)
Seen on missing cat fly poster recently in N8.
'I have your cat, meet me at the church 1pm this thursday bring the money'
"Wonder if Cllr. Stanton will also report the Tottenham Labour Party (and the SWP) for fly-posting outside of Tesco? - Justin Hinchcliffe, Chair of Tottenham Tories.

Following the suggestion from OneWomanAndHerDog on 5 May I went to Tesco in Green Lanes. No flyposting that I could see.
Al Tesco, Green Lanes

6 May was a bit busy. So it wasn’t until this morning that I got to Tesco, Seven Sisters.

Al Tesco, Seven Sisters

Again no fly-posting on the store. So I spoke to the store manager. He confirmed there had been some - not Labour Party posters, but for Jenny Sutton. He’d made a complaint to Haringey Council.
Tesco removed the stuff from their walls - mainly stuck with Blu-Tack, he said.

The question remains: will Tottenham Tories now remove their fly-posted leaflets from various sites?
It remains a mystery to this day, who was responsible for this bit of vandalism. Cllr Stanton, did you ever hear any rumours down the pub?
Jenny Sutton as of a day or so ago had posters stuck to every other lamp post from Turnpike Lane down to at least Effingham Road on GL so it certainly appears that antisocial flyposting is not limited to one party. On the same day I (bizarrely) also noticed a large round sticker promoting independent candidate Matt Cuthbert stuck high on the wall of the passage between Falkland and Frobisher. Don't know if it's still there...
Then they should be chastised every bit as much as the TCs. Perhaps next time round an agreement across parties not to indulge in this?
The Jenny Sutton posters on lamp-posts along West Green Road are rather cleverly held up by stapling them back to back, so they can be removed with no effort and less damage.

Can we have a go at the people who put rave notices on traffic lights? Much more annoying as they are there to distract drivers. As exemplars of Thatcherite free enterprise, they only ever have mobile phone numbers, so to prosecute would mean going to the rave in question and asking, can I speak to the organiser. Ho ho ho.

Er - are they still called raves?
Yes, I noticed the ingenious way at least some of the Jenny Sutton posters were fastened - so neither trees nor street furniture got damaged.

Poster Ring - Jenny Sutton

And while I don't often see eye-to-eye with Cllr John Bevan, he and I share your dislike about gigs fly-posting on traffic lights etc. A few years ago John successfully overcame officer inertia and insisted that this type of fly-posting was routinely removed.

As I suggested, there are other methods for handling the demand for poster space. Here's another look at the Edinburgh Festival's solution. Anyone know of alternatives from elsewhere?

Comment on: Topic 'Local Conservative candidates in flyposting incident'
to one party. On the same day I (bizarrely) also noticed a large round sticker promoting independent candidate Matt Cuthbert stuck high on the wall of the passage between Falkland and Frobisher. Don't know if it's still there...…
Added by Mr Growbag at 11:35am on May 9, 2010

Large and round it was but not a sticker,  a card for any supporters to place in their window,

I'm equally as sensitive about voting paraphernalia being attached to walls ect, you may have seen them in shop windows which I asked for permission. They were all retrieved for next election at £2 ea I can't afford to throw them in the wind, most people returned them.

The only explanation is that a supporter put it  there rather than their window, apologies.

regards matt cuthbert

Matt, thanks for replying to such an old thread.   I seem to remember that I was just amazed how it had managed to be fastened quite so high on the wall of the passage...  your supporter must have been keen enough to get their ladder out!
I like Alan's examples of places from the Edinburgh festival.

I think parties/protest groups are always going to want to put up campaign posters and the political flypost is as old as campaigning itself. Perhaps, there could be temporary places erected around wards like the columns where people can come and stick any posters and campaign material they want to during election periods.

Between such times, perhaps better use can be made of ward noticeboards which don't seem to get used much and perhaps a few more of them could be erected with the community volunteers given keys?



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