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If you're stuck for a Christmas present for someone who lives in the neighbourhood, why not treat them to a book set in and around our local area:

Matt Baylis

M.H Baylis has written two books set in and around Wood Green starring local reporter Rex Tracey. The first is Death at the Palace which Matt followed up with The Tottenham Outrage this year.

Dom Shaw

Eric is Awake is Harringay novelist Dom Shaw's first novel. It name checks some familiar spots in North London.

All 3 books can be purchased at Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green

Other local authors are available, please feel free to suggest your favourites :) 

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From Twitter:

Tenuous link but The Curious Incident of the Dog etc mentions Lausanne Road - the author must know, or know someone in, the area?

Remember Hornsey Historical Society publications available at the Old Schoolhouse, 136 Tottenham Lane corner of Rokesly Avenue.  Open for sales this Thursday,  Friday and Saturday from 10 to 2. Many books by local authors on local areas for local people! Including Stroud Green, Harringay,  Wood Green,  Hornsey,  Muswell Hill,  Crouch End, Tottenham. Also Christmas cards £1.50 for 5.

I'm a local cookbook author; Big Green, you should stock my book about my N15 allotment, New Urban Farmer! Happy to supply. www.celiabrooks.com

Hooky Gear by Nick Barlay - more to see in Google books

Empires: The First Battle by Gavin Deas - see Chapter 7

I recently came across two more books which mention Harringay  - I don't think the authors live locally though. And have no idea why links are appearing at the top of my posts 



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