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Gardens resident Ruth Cherrington grew up on a post-war council estate in Coventry, the youngest of seven children. She told me that some of her earliest childhood memories are of enjoying visits with her family to the local working men’s club. She describes the club as "almost like an extension of our living room".  

As Ruth's local club started to go into decline along with many others up and down the country, from the late 1970s onwards, Ruth started a journey to find out more about the history and future of clubs.

The journey took Ruth to working men's clubs up and down the country, including Harringay's Langham Club on Green Lanes. To help highlight the Harringay club and its activities, Ruth chose the Langham tonight for the launch of her book, Not Just Beer and Bingo!  A Social History of Working Men’s Clubs.

In the book, Ruth traces the history of working men's clubs from their mid-19th origins to their current state. The book is a unique account of a social movement that has provided companionship, education, recreation and a great deal of pleasure to working class communities for over 150 years. It includes plenty of stories from our own local club and is very entertaining and well worth a read. So get up to the Big Green Bookshop or click through to Amazon and buy one!

If you haven't been in to the Langham, do pop in and say hi - or better still, go along to their Xmas party this Friday - tickets just £5.


Author Ruth Cherrington called on us all to support our local cubs before they
disappear forever



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I'm certainly going to buy a copy, and I hope HOL users will consider joining the Langham as I've done. My earlier post on this is at http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/let-s-back-the-langham-... 

David Schmitz

Many thanks Hugh and Liz for coming along and for the great write up! It was a great night for me to finally have the book properly out there.
I hope more folk pop into the Langham and maybe even join as David and myself have done. That Swing class going on last night looked like fun!

Ruth - is it possible to buy the book from you directly? Or what would be the best way to ensure you get the biggest cut? It seems a bit silly to order from Amazon when you live locally!

hi Mark

I do have a few copies for sale at £12. Could also meet you someplace to deliver. 

Publishers and distributors like Amazon usually get the biggest slice but it;s good to bypass them as much as possible. 

For anyone interested, I now have a twitter account for the club website and news about the book 

Club Historians@CHistorians 

and offer of book for £12 through myself still holds for a short while longer! Cheaper than on Amazon

thanks! Ruth

Not Just Beer and Bingo! Now available at the Big Green Book Shop priced 13.95. 

Cheaper than going through Amazon and a much much better place to buy from! Could be a good purchase for all those cashmobbers on Sunday? 



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