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When you look at the list of supporters for more control over our high streets from CAMRA to the Federation of Small Businesses, you wonder why it isn't as plain as the nose on Eric Pickles face but Living Streets reports, "Your vital shops and services can be transformed without planning permission or communities having a say.Unbelievably, the government is looking at making this kind of development even easier. Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities, is now reviewing the planning rules for when buildings change their use. Without immediate public support the shops and services that you walk to in your neighbourhood may be at risk."


Living Streets have made it easy for you to add your voice to the debate with their e-campaign, remember we have a unique perspective here as betting shop saturation is already happening. Let Mr Pickles know!

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I have read the campaign page and have written to the website as follows:

Dear Living Streets

Your campaign page asserts that all local power over change of use will be removed, but does not provide the source of this assertion. Please can you tell me where to look for the background material.
i have discussed change of use elsewhere. I think your betting shop problem is very real and much more deeply rooted than just change of use. Will you raise it at our Area Forum, control perhaps to pass to your local plan?



It is so true that "Your vital shops and services can be transformed without planning permission or communities having a say". Just look at wards corner. 90 local businesses under threat by the council's developer Grainger a plan which is backed by the council. Our council seems to prefer big schemes even at the cost of local businesses and choice.


For Wards Corner the council is so desperate has even decided to give the developer 1.5 million in regeneration cash even though the NDC residents voted against the grant but the councillors on the committee over ruled them. 

Plus the developer still wants even more cash so the councillors have agreed an option agreement to sell off several occupied council homes for a mere £184,000. As there are no new council homes in the new towers so everyone on the site will be evicted. He council is paying the developer fees for the compulsory purchase orders. More money wasted for what?


All this at a time when the council is sacking teachers as it says it has no money. So we will lose loads of local businesses some that have been there for over 20 years plus lose more teachers due to the money being wasted on everything except education.

Vote out of their political party any councillor who agrees to the Grainger plan as they no not have the interest of residents and their children at heart



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