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Little dog found looking lost on Fairfax Road. 

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If you go to a vets the dog may be chipped and you may be able to return it to its owner that way. 

Aww lovely little thing. If you can’t get the dog to a vet, try on Facebook page for the Crouch End Cats group… there’s a lady called Terri Allen who has a pet chip scanner. Or another group nearby Stokey Cats & Dogs might have one. 

Thanks both. The dog has been collected.

Well done for taking him in. He is looking a little chastened in the photo. I imagine that it was a frantic reunion. 

can you see if you have a facebook page for dogs in your area if the vet hasn't been able to read the chip? We have one called Ally Pally Dogs which is is brilliant reuniting owners with lost dogs



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