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Hey folks, some of you may have come across the nest that two coots built right near the bridge over the New River on Green Lanes opposite Finsbury Park's western edge.  I have been visiting them daily for the past week since my friend and I saw them building their nest. 

We dubbed the couple Colin & Deborah and today, six of the eggs have hatched! 

If anyone else would like to upload their own, please feel free!  

Also I've created a Facebook page if you want to see super cute photos and videos.

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Here is a family I snapped at the boating lake in Finsbury Park.

Aaaah. Lovely.

Thanks to Helen & Michael, for tipping us off about the two coots'. I went to have a look.

Sadly, the Warham one seemed to have deserted, unless mum and dad were our shopping.

Despite its unlikely position, not far from the riverbank and close to the road, the one just to the east of Green Lanes Bridge seems to be doing well.

What a great photo!

They seem to go wandering during the day. They were all there early this morning

Great closeup of the latest hatchlings

There was a cormorant on the New River Village bit the other day

Saw a heron near the waterworks bit today but didn't show clearly in the feeble phone picture.

Ah, the ‘Arringay ‘Eron. 

Great heron pic!

Gosh. I don’t think I’ve seen a cormorant round here. Thanks for posting. 



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