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Hey folks, some of you may have come across the nest that two coots built right near the bridge over the New River on Green Lanes opposite Finsbury Park's western edge.  I have been visiting them daily for the past week since my friend and I saw them building their nest. 

We dubbed the couple Colin & Deborah and today, six of the eggs have hatched! 

If anyone else would like to upload their own, please feel free!  

Also I've created a Facebook page if you want to see super cute photos and videos.

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Lovely photo. There are also a family with four chicks who are nesting on the New River at Warham Road (south side of the bridge)

Thanks for the tip - I'll go and have a look later!

If you do manage a photo of them could you post it Helen.  My pathetic phone camera only captures a few indistinct fluffy dots!

This was as good as I got!  They were a little far away from me to get anything good (and I'm also on my little camera phone too).

Thank you so much. The nest had a Mallard squatter a few days ago - glad to see the Coots saw him off

Lovely.. :-)

Just noticed that when you zoom in there are what look like unhatched eggs. Fingers crossed

Yep there are still three in the nest... hopefully they hatch soon!

Geez..all that bread...glad they are ignoring it!

Probably using it as nesting material!

So interested to see this because I've been visiting a nest since the start of April at the New River near Palmers Green. Eventually the eggs hatched, 6 chicks still in one piece and getting bigger daily!

There's also a swans with their 6 cygnets (it was 7) at the New River path near Tottenham Lane.



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