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On my way back from the Community Assistance Centre, I took a walk along our stretch of Green Lanes to get a sense of how things feel.




As of 6.30, pretty damn normal. There's obviously something in the air and as you chat with people, they're aware of what's possible, but there's no real sense that anything's going to happen.



Some shops have closed early, but most seem to be staying open as usual (jewellery shops excluded).

People are sauntering along with their kids by their side.

Down towards Harringay Bridge, the Old Ale Emporium is very busy and manager Dave told me that they hadn't closed early yet due to the troubles. "I feel quite safe here", he said, "The local trader community is looking out for Harringay and they're very able to take care of us all. I can guarantee they'll let me know if it's going to kick off". I asked him then if the Old Ale could be considered as the canary in the mine. "100%", he said.



Further down the road the Garden Ladder is boarded up.



and Lido is strengthening its shutters.



All very sensible. But I do hope they're cautions that are not needed


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I've been down to London Bridge and back on the 141 this evening for a trip out with the kids. People are sitting in beer gardens, strolling in parks or shopping on Green Lanes. There's a few big chaps standing in shop doorways but there's also old chaps sitting on benches chatting with their pals. Lots of police on foot or on bikes including the whole of the Harringay SNT team massed at the bottom of my road (near the many betting shops?) but still all very much a sense of people getting on with enjoying the late afternoon sun in lovely London.
I'm sure parents are heeding the sensible advice from our politicians to 'keep their kids indoors', ensuring they have at least 15 minutes of reading time  and most importantly monitoring internet usage.
Hugh was taking lots of photos before these ones with me at the Community Assistance Centre lots of pictures of stuff people had given - I didnt clock that
Nice phone Hugh
I just heard a shopkeeper on Green Lanes interviewed on Radio  4 news. He said the gangs wont come to GL because they know we are here and we will protect our shops. He was splendid.
Spent the evening in the Salisbury and it felt like normal - no fewer people than a normal Tues night. Pleased to see they were open. Am so proud of where I live...

Walked down to great my wife at Harringay Station, missed her as her mobile was on answer machine,

walked down to Sainsbury's at 7.30, Beconsfield closed, Homebase closed, Mackers open with the manager a little 

pensive out front, Sainbury's closed, but for a few staff leaving on foot or by scooter, they seemed up beat.

Argos reinforced with boarding. I still felt reassured by the Old Ale Emporium with a freindly face from the Beconsfield 

drinking on the smokers balcony, I felt encouraged to have a swift pint, I moved on to get some garlic after a text from my wife Helen. Antepliler open but safely quiet, the block of jewelers ghostly quiet and vacant, reminded me how important the night time economy is thanks to our food quarter, who have always made Green Lanes feel welcome,

the Salisbury was still open and Tesco's operating as usual, benefiting from the defiant security Green lanes Provides.

The Garden Ladder and an estate agents office were the only shops visually boarded up, spoke to two shop keepers and returned home reassured as I had been as a student shopping for groceries at 2AM 19 years ago. 


Heard Robert Elms talk today about the resistance of green lanes turning away rioters, just as I explained they would to my Dad to reassure him that our family was safe here. 

I LOVE this. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for ALL the information provided over the last couple of days, helped me a lot to keep calm and feel rested. I whatever extend that was/is possible.

Just wondering - what do you think the situation will be tonight after last nights quietness?

Particular I wonder if the  the delievery/collection point of the Royal Mail will be open until 8pm as usual on a Wednesday?


Thanks again for all your work!!!


I went to the Post Office yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.  There was a very strong police presence, as well as groups of men on street corners.  A few of them were obviously golf enthusiasts and were proudly displaying their clubs.  

I felt reassured that the area was pretty safe, and heartened that our community was looking out for each other. However, I dare say that a lot of the people standing out on the street all night probably don't log on to Harringay Online often, so the most effective way of showing appreciation is to go and spend money in the shops, restaurants, hairdressers etc.


I know many people already do, but I have found myself buying things I don't particularly need and will probably go and see Chris for a haircut I don't really need!  I think my wife thinks I'm losing my marbles.


Viva Harringay!

I've just realised my avatar makes me look like a rioter! 

Maybe time for a change.
I'll second that (about being on the street, I mean, not the avatar!).

Fippo, LOL. Love your post.


Everyone, all the little rioters/looters will surely now be staying away from Green Lanes, now that they've listened to the Radio 4/World Service report on the existence of the Turkish/Kurdish vigilantes.





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