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This place on Green Lanes is a real gem. I spent a bit of time in there over the weekend desperately trying to fix a plumbing problem (residential not personal). The family that run the place are all very helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are fair and they often suggest a cheaper alternative to what you might initially have in mind which is unusually good service.

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Good news. Walked past earlier and there's a sign on the shutters dated 26/10/2022 saying -

'Dear Customers,

Lido is reopening soon!

See you then'

Just walked past and they appear to be back in action.

Having failed to get what I needed in Homebase I noticed Lido was open again on the way home. Found what I was after in 2 minutes. Great shop.

OAE mentioned the name 'Franklyns'. Was this the shop that was an Alladin's Cave of shortwave radios and electrical items amongst other things?. I remember working in there once in the eighties, there was even a working vintage telephone switchboard he wouldn't have upgraded. From memory, the owner was a bit of a 'Hancock' character.



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