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This place on Green Lanes is a real gem. I spent a bit of time in there over the weekend desperately trying to fix a plumbing problem (residential not personal). The family that run the place are all very helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are fair and they often suggest a cheaper alternative to what you might initially have in mind which is unusually good service.

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Couldn't agree more. 5 rumble sacks for a pound! Loads cheaper than homebase for useful house stuff.
I second that. We too were in there this weekend for gas plumbing stuff. Such a great shop, and yes, so knowledgable and helpful. Apart from the gas stuff, I bought 24 household candles for 2 quid. Get in!
Agree, it's a brilliant shop. If you have a rummage around (which the staff seem happy for you to do to your heart's consent) to can get some amazing stuff. For example a few weeks ago I got some Falcon blue and white enameled pie dishes there for a few pounds. Twenty Twenty One in Upper Street were selling exactly the same stuff for 45 quid!
Also want to put in a word for Lynbo a few doors down. If I go in the describe what I'm after they almost always have it in stock or can suggest something even better.
PS. Jacq, what's a rumble sack and is it something we should all be getting?

I completely agree. Bought some screw hooks, massive packet of about 20 for £1.50 or so, in Homebase you get 2 hooks for almost double the price! The staff are really friendly and willing to root out the random things you are looking for. The cashier is from Mauritius (or maybe it was La Reunion) and so if you don't know what the thing is called in English and happen to know in French you can try that approach.

Are the two getting mixed up a bit? Lido is the double fronted one and Lynbo the single fronted one (sometimes with a tiny bathtub outside) a few doors down.

I'm talking about Lido.

I think it's this family who run Lido who also own the building that the Garden Ladder bar is/was in. Their son has been gaining work experience in the Salisbury with the plan to run a new bar to replace the Garden Ladder (who's lease was up some time ago).

Both Lynbo and Lido are lovely and helpful.  Lynbo are good for obscure bulbs!

But Lido abandoned its former name. It was yclept 'Franklyns', if memory serves, going right back to Chaucer and beyond. For plumbing, it's Lynbo every time.

I love Lido too - they have almost everything you could want! From kitchenware to wood to an obscure spring to fit our broken door mechanism. I usually have to ask for what I need as can be tricky to locate things.

Hs Lido closed down? They had a sign up saying there were away on holiday but that was weeks ago. Would be a shame to lose such a useful local independent.

The owner died unexpectedly. Very sad. He was a nice fellow.



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