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Can the Lib Dems and Greens candidates and current councillors please outline thier position prior to the election.

The decision by Momentum to have the Labour administration rename the road is wrong for the following reasons:

- it will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds which will come from the budgets for other council services (eg.Education, aged care, environment)

- it is opposed by residents and businesses on Black Boy lane who will bear the brunt of years of adminstrative problems

- it is unnecessarily devisive as the name has no racial connotations and trivialises real efforts to improve harmony elsewhere 

- the La Rose family and foundation oppose the change

A commitment to reverse the decision will influence the voting intentions of a large proportion of St St Ann's ward residents.

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Ozbawn, Sorry I missed your comment above.
Mystery ?  I thought you might have been following Haringey's website. That's all I knew.

Though I now also see there a bit in the Newsletter of the George Padmore Institute website.

Yep others agree with your approach.
As Bob Dylan forgot to mention, We don't need Nonentums to know which way the wind blows.

As much as I regard the guy as having a chip on his shoulder and being involved in some local dodgy property deals, "uncle" is unacceptable when it comes to talking about middle aged black men, for reasons which should be obvious.

Come on John. I am with you with a lot, but I am sure most people can see beyond the ridiculous presumption of race and see the intended link to Uncle Joe (Stalin) the ex communist leader of the USSR- and make the link with loony left- wing labour politics. 

If I am honest, it was not obvious to me until you mentioned it... I doubt it is the first thing *anyone* reaches for.

Yep. Uncle Joe Stalin.

My  black ( Nigerian ) neighbours used to greet me, an older unrelated male, as "Uncle" and my girl-friend as "Auntie " I don't think it has anything to do with Stalin. I was quite happy to answer to Uncle and I didn't find it offensive.

Its a reference to his autocratic decision making as Justin Guest says. Anything else is contrived offence. I'm not aware of it being unacceptable in any context. If it was as you seem to be contriving then I wouldn't have used it.

Well it’s quite close to this, too close.

Perhaps, if you stretch yourself and look for offence you might find it there. If you really try.

But, Uncle Tom, is a cultural reference point in American history and offensive to at least some African Americans.

'Uncle Tom' has no relevance here. As far as I know Joe Ejiofor's family are from West Africa and he's not African American at all. And besides, nobody has called him Uncle Tom anyway. He's Uncle Joe for obvious reasons linked to his leadership approach and nothing else.

I was not offended, I just pointed out that it's usually not acceptable. I'll bow out now and let all the other uncle experts continue on this one. All caused by a spelling mistake a few hundred years ago... Harringay anyone?

Council meeting minutes from last year show officers recommending the scheme (against the wishes of almost all consultation respondents) at a cost of at least £180,000, to be taken away from existing budgets. It’s apparently likely that even this enormous cost would be an underestimate if it goes through.

As for Momentum: at least one of the two selected candidates for St Ann’s ward in the council elections is widely thought to be a Momentum member (I have no idea) and emphasised her intention to get BBL renamed in her selection manifesto.

Hollie? What about the other one who says he's now a woman? Pretty sure they are both members.

"the other one who says he's now a woman?"

could some further detail be added about this? Thank you



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