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What can be done to prevent lethal macho man Mercedes drivers from killing someone on Wightman Road?

For some time now Wightman Road has been used as a thoroughfare for angry macho men driving at high speed in Mercedes Benz, BMWs, Audis and sometimes transit vans.

They can frequently be observed speeding, overtaking vehicles, dangerously overtaking cyclists, tailgating and throwing fast food packaging out of the window. They exhibit very poor driving skills (as if they have never had a driving lesson, let alone passed any kind of driving test).

They have terrible judgement, cutting in front of other road users before traffic islands and accelerating to 50mph with 10m of clear road in front of them. Many of them are unaware of basic road etiquette, for example, the fact that it is socially backwards and aggressive to beep at cyclists.

I can often cycle through the entire city of London without incident, only to have two near death experiences on Wightman Road at the hands of these egg heads. Wightman Road is unfortunately swarming with them at all hours of the day.

Existing traffic calming measures are not adequate and are regarded as human rights infringements by drivers of clapped out Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Unfortunately our Councillors and borough council have consistently failed to push for drastic traffic calming measures to tame the lethal actions of these Kouros aftershave wearing neanderthals.

Some time soon someone is going to get killed by one of them and the blood is going to be on the hands of Haringey Council and the Councillors who failed to push for this menace to be addressed.  

Better traffic calming measures are urgently needed on Wightman Road before lives are lost.    

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If only they would wear protective headgear like dear old David Hodo 


My dear Osbawn, I share your frustrations about traffic on Green Lanes, but there are some fundamental flaws in your argument for the cause of this dire traffic situation. 

Lets start with our understand of ‘traffic’. What’s the source of discontent in Green Lanes being “gridlocked”? Is it the life-shortening fumes released by cars? Or perhaps the noise pollution caused by said petrol/diesel powered vehicles? 

Do we want a Green Lanes for pedestrians - shop owners, customers, residents - or a Green Lanes for people to travel through by car? I know which I’d prefer.

Your suggestion that bicycles and mopeds cause congestion - of cars - is a fantasy. It’s completely illogical. I suspect your source of discontent lies with either the unwanted polluting effects of cars, or that you’re a car user yourself, frustrated by poor traffic flow. I’m here to tell you this: I have a magic solution! A tonic for your ills!

Can I suggest that either situation may be remedied by abandoning cars, and immediate uptake of transport by bicycle? 

ie, on yer bike mate.  

What would the police be doing a blitz on? The mopeds are not breaking the law?

That's filtering, and it is legal (see Davis v Schrogin 27/06/2006). Red light jumping is not however.

"Without due care and attention" is completely subjective and beneath you. Please come up with something definite. Smearing all cyclists as red light jumpers is not only rude, it presumes an air of collective responsibility which doesn't exist. The lanes were put in for cars, bicycles just need to keep to their side of the road. Undertaking, which we both know is a moral crime in Australia and New Zealand, is perfectly OK here, even on motorways. When it's done by bicycles, it's called filtering. It's how I average 14mph in London where motorists average 8mph. Increasingly we see that getting in a motor vehicle around here in rush-hour is moronic at best and criminal pollution at worst.

Yes makes my blood boil! Total environment of lawlessness. 

A bit sexist. I've come across many aggressive female drivers.    All in a hurry yet not late. 

These are exclusively young blokes showing off, nothing about being in a hurry.

If speed cameras were used to enforce the 20mph limit on Green Lanes - yes its there! Haringey (if allowed to keep these fines?) would be rich , I'm getting v bad tempered at being tail gated, woven at, shouted at and almost rammed for keeping the speed limit )which exists in most of Haringey!

... speeding fines go into the Treasury's consolidated fund... the Government's own bank account... if the law were to change to allow local authorities to benefit it might help offset the government cuts to local authority budgets... so very unlikely to happen...



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