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What can be done to prevent lethal macho man Mercedes drivers from killing someone on Wightman Road?

For some time now Wightman Road has been used as a thoroughfare for angry macho men driving at high speed in Mercedes Benz, BMWs, Audis and sometimes transit vans.

They can frequently be observed speeding, overtaking vehicles, dangerously overtaking cyclists, tailgating and throwing fast food packaging out of the window. They exhibit very poor driving skills (as if they have never had a driving lesson, let alone passed any kind of driving test).

They have terrible judgement, cutting in front of other road users before traffic islands and accelerating to 50mph with 10m of clear road in front of them. Many of them are unaware of basic road etiquette, for example, the fact that it is socially backwards and aggressive to beep at cyclists.

I can often cycle through the entire city of London without incident, only to have two near death experiences on Wightman Road at the hands of these egg heads. Wightman Road is unfortunately swarming with them at all hours of the day.

Existing traffic calming measures are not adequate and are regarded as human rights infringements by drivers of clapped out Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Unfortunately our Councillors and borough council have consistently failed to push for drastic traffic calming measures to tame the lethal actions of these Kouros aftershave wearing neanderthals.

Some time soon someone is going to get killed by one of them and the blood is going to be on the hands of Haringey Council and the Councillors who failed to push for this menace to be addressed.  

Better traffic calming measures are urgently needed on Wightman Road before lives are lost.    

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You forgot- "they have disabled parking permits"

Also, they have no idea how roundabouts work, and often drive brand new diesels. How stupid would you have to be to buy a brand new diesel?

Brand new and, discounted.

Of as much interest to me are the super car racers (I'm talking top of the line stuff like Lamborghinis etc) racing on Green Lanes. They're racing in a pack, obviously all aware of one another and do stuff like undertaking when there is a gap in the parking, which is extremely dangerous.

This is not just the council, it is a policing matter. Between 20mph and 30mph is the council, above that (and these men are WAY above that) is for the police.

I’ve noticed that Sunday afternoons seems to be the preferred time for these pathetic boys to roar along the Lanes in their expensive toys, normally accompanied by loud Europop and leering at women.

Agree - this is getting worse, but I'm not sure mopeds/bikes weaving around CAUSES the gridlock. They're riding that way BECAUSE of the gridlock - no? 

"Its basically grid locked every afternoon primarily because of mopeds, motorbikes and push bikes"

Is that really the case? I think it's just too many vehicles.

Plenty of folk on 2 wheels weave through traffic (myself included) but if you imagine taking an aerial shot of green lanes at peak time you'll see all the spaces between the traffic lights are occupied by 4 wheeled vehicles, their progress is impeded by other 4 wheeled vehicles & traffic lights.

I think you're collating two issues here. If the police showed up and fined a few bad motorists/cyclists there'd still be gridlock.

Which spaces do you think they shouldn't be in? I'm not aware of any space a car is allowed into that a bicycle is not allowed into as well, however I am aware of many spaces that a car is NOT allowed into, that a bicycle is.

And some think it's clever to undertake a car indicating left. It's quite legal, but stupid.

Car drivers seem to think they own the road. No you don't!! 

FIltering is legal see Highway Code, Rules 88 and 160.

You'd absolutely clean up if you setup a police blitz on GL outside Baldwins in the arvo as all the psycho mopeds go flying down the inside of busses or down the wrong side of the road, and another at Colina Road as the blokes with V8's floor it towards the kebab strip trying to get peoples attention. 



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