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Lee Murphy of LA Roofing - excellent job, very reasonable prices, really nice guy, quick to help with roof leak

Joining in the chorus of people recommending Lee of LA Roofing.

I called him  in a few days ago when during the downpours of biblical proportions small brown stains starting appearing in my upper hall ceiling. Lee was near by so came to look  a couple of hours later, although it was far too wet to get the ladders up and check the roof immediately.

He told me what he thought the problem was based on over 30 years of experience (correctly - as he showed me the pictures when did go up on the roof to undertake the repair), and a rough estimate of cost, and said if cost less would charge less (or conversely more if more extensive damage than anticipated). It came in at a bit less in fact (!)

Frantic calls to Lee at 8am the next day as the stains had got a lot worse overnight were met with very sensible and calming advice, reiterated when I sent photos of what was going on in the loft (nasty!) and ceiling. Lee advised putting buckets down - which I did over large black bin bags on the floor and he told me to use a skewer to poke a hole so water drains down to bucket rather than brings down the ceiling if too much had pooled in the loft),  he rang me back as soon as was available and kept in touch by text when another small stream of water appeared running down a door  overnight when the clouds burst again), and was here by 8.15am in the morning on a weekend to do an incredibly thorough job of sorting the crack/leak in the gulley (which is why water was coming through in two places and soaking down into loft beams/insulation), advising on how to best dry out the alarmingly soggy beams and insulation in the loft, and providing calm reassurance that no my ceiling wouldn't fall in whilst I was asleep!

So overall -  great job, very reasonably priced, good information and advice throughout. No wonder Lee is regularly recommended as the 'go to' man for roofing anywhere around the Ladder and Gardens. On leaving me he was off to do another 6 review/estimate calls/repairs and costings within a few roads of us.

Lee is a very nice man who really knows and appreciates the houses around here, is polite, tidy, very knowledgeable and definitely not out to add extra unnecessary work or to inflate bills - advising me that some guttering/downpipes I was a bit concerned about would hold for longer if I wanted to wait until later in the year rather than spend out all at once for example and explaining clearly what could and couldn't be done with ladders or would need scaffolding and price differentials.

I would definitely ask him to do any further roofing work in the future. I strongly recommend LA roofing to anyone needing an emergency (or not so urgent) repair.      

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Absolutely agree.  Lee worked on our guttering, facias and roof 'valleys' in December 2022.  We asked for quotes from a number of different roofers.  What stood out about Lee was his knowledge, trustworthiness and his work was reasonably priced. For example, some of the work I asked him to quote for he told me was unnecessary and then gave clear reasons why rather than just adding it to the quote. There's been a fair bit of rain since he worked here and we're really pleased with the results - a dry house again!



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