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Does anyone knows of a leather repair specialist reasonably locally (or online) they can recommend? I have a lovely, reasonably new wallet that needs a small repair to the internal zip, more than folk like Callis Locksmiths can fix for me.

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Some years ago a friend had a leather bag repaired here:


Thank you!

I took my purse here and they did a great job, I'd certainly recommend them to anyone looking for shoe/handbag/purse repairs. They specialise in repairing high end items so it was in good hands. Thank you for the tip.

Go to Kallis shoe repairs in Crouch End. They virtually repair anything leather - I've taken them all sorts of stuff to fix. Friendly, excellent service and they know their stuff!!

I tried them, it's beyond their powers.

Ahh, if  they can't fix it, maybe time to get a knew one then! Good luck x

Try Modella shoe repair shop near Turnpike Lane tube. They fixed the zip on a musical instrument case for me recently, when every other local repair shop, drycleaner etc said they couldn't do it.

That sounds promising, thanks!



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