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This article in today's Guardian raises the question of how many GP surgeries in our area are now being run by a US based company, Centene Corp:

I see that, for example, St.Ann's Road Surgery, or the Laurels, is owned by AT Medics, which has been taken over by Operose Health, a UK subsidiary of Centene Corp.

NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients passes into hands of US health insurer

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Having seen the many negative comments on here about the standard  of service at the Laurels, perhaps this will be a good thing and we can look forward to an improved health centre.

At medics have just lost their contract using our surgery. Rubbish care

maybe it’s being taken over by the same firm. Hope it’s better

This is a terrible development. I am a patient at St Ann's Road surgery and do not want it run by this US health insurance multinational. It has been done in secret. There is a campaign against the takeover. Information here:




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