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Hello folks

I know this does the rounds every once in a while, and there are some old threads here, but does anyone have recent commendations (or the opposite) for loft converters in the area please? 

I know Rooftop Rooms have done a lot of houses nearby. I won't use them on principle (Google their court case...) but I'd love to hear about others. 

Thank you 


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Hi, we've just used Herts and Essex Lofts (http://www.hertsandessexlofts.co.uk) - they're very nearly finished having started 6 weeks ago tomorrow. We had carpets fitted this morning and will move into the new rooms this week.  They have a few last bits and pieces to finish so you might want to check in with me again in a couple of weeks but we've been very pleased with the quality of work and the communication, including their own internal communication - amazingly all their different teams (builders, roofers, plasterers, carpenter, electricians etc) seem to know what's going on and who's going to be where and when.  There project manager has kept everything on track as well as dropping by whenever we've wanted to discuss something and sorting any niggles or mishaps almost immediately.

The only thing i would say is that we just wanted a very standard, 'off-the-shelf' loft conversion with just a few little bespoke extras (e.g. alcove shelving in the shower and ledge above concealed cistern). However, if you were thinking of doing anything really different or more bespoke, it would definitely be worth talking this through with all the companies you get to quote before committing to any.

We also got quotations from Dan James Construction, A1 Lofts, Rooftop Rooms and Sunlight Lofts. We would have happily used Dan James or Sunlight lofts but they couldn't start for 4-5 months. A1 Lofts were good but significantly more expensive. We heard mixed reviews about Rooftop Rooms. 

That's incredibly useful Jenny. Thank you!

Hi Jenny

that is indeed very useful. thanks a lot for sharing. 6 weeks is amazing by the way! I checked their website and they do extensions as well, which is what I'm thinking of doing later in the year, so I will give them a call.


Hi Phillipa

Hi its Dawn, Dominics Mum I have whats app you too. We used Pat from Another Level. He was very quick about 6weeks too and we wouldn't fault him. He also did our side return.


Yes, like Dawn we used Pat from Another Level, too. Brilliant, quick job. He is currently doing our side return and it's all going well. Definitely recommend him.

I've just instructed Rooftop Rooms to do my loft, I had no idea about the courtcase, just happened to see your post today!
Looks like I'm back to the drawing board so thanks everyone for your recommendations, I'll get started on the call around again.

We didn't know about the court case but used Rooftop Rooms and were not very happy with the quality or management....Took nearly a year for a simple conversion to be finally finished. So good decision Julia!

Oh sorry to hear it Li. No one deserves that. Hope it's OK now. 

Hi Julia, we also didn't have a very good experience with RTRs I'm afraid. Scaffolding was up for 4 months and it took nearly a year to get the last snag sorted. I'd happily have gone with Sunlight Lofts or ALB Lofts (Sab is the main man there, seemed very nice and has done loads of conversions on the ladder) but unfortunately it came down to price and RTRs were cheaper. Good luck!



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