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Latest Evening Standard one-pager on life in Harringay

Many of you wil have seen the Standard's latest one page on Harringay as a prospect for folk looking for a peg to hang their hat. Nonetheless, I'm posting the article by Harringay local James Read for those who haven't and for the record.

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Hooray - glad to have driven business to both excellent establishments!

We went to Puraan last weekend as well, after reading the article, and it is wonderful. We were discussing what to order the next time while still eating our current meal.

Nice to see All Star get a mention. I love that shop.

 Me too! And totally agree that all the treasures are hidden in the back.  

Disappointed that proper fact checking didn’t take place

The Parkland Walk does not go to Archway but to Highgate and then on to Ally Pally. It does go to Archway Road but the Highgate bit not Archway

And why would the ArtHouse in Crouch End feature in an article about Harringay. I’m sure it welcomes the publicity but it’s definitely a bus ride away?

Yep, dreadful subbing all round; sorry for anyone trying to reach Harringay station via the Overground, too. And “bronze die” pasta?

Let's not be too picky folks.

Wherever the Parkland Walk goes, it's a nice addition to our neighbourhood. For me it's a great start of a circular 5 mile walk that goes along the Parkland Walk to Highgate, through Queen's Wood, Alexandra Park and back along the new River, almost to my front door. By far the majority of the walk is through green areas - it still amazes me that I can walk five miles from my front door in London, mainly through green areas.

As to the inclusion of Crouch End, I'd say it is relevant: my local life isn't bounded by Harringay and it's good to have other areas in easy walking distance.



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