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Just a word of warning...there are people, and one lady in particular who are knocking on doors fairly late in the evening usually asking for some cash because of an emergency. The person I opened the door to (around midnight) claimed to be a neighbor from a few doors up... I didn't respond to this and she went away. I was forewarned because I'd had a similar experience some time ago at another address and that time I fell for the story and gave away £20...

I had a knock on the door the following evening, quite late again, and didn't open the door but called out to ask who it was and this time it was a man who went away when I said I didn't know him

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This happened to me back in January and I also gave her £20. Can't believe she's still doing the rounds! Report her to the police as they are interested to hear about her activities.

I reported it yesterday to a police officer who came to advise residents about a security system they have...he said he'd check it out

Did she say she'd forgotten her purse and needed the cash to pay for a cab until  her boyfriend got back?

The reason why she didn't ask me for money or explain why she'd knocked on my door so late this time was because I think she recognized me from the other house and ran off as the penny began to drop with me...a bit too slowly though!!! What re the chances of that happening twice in two different homes?!!

Some time after that another woman came to the door and I had a spyhole then, called out to ask her what she wanted, also said she was a neighbor and was in trouble...I called out to my husband who wasn't even there and saw her running off!

Another warning - two elderly friends had a woman in nurses uniform asking for money for petrol because she'd lost her purse and had to get to patient etc...and they gave her cash and found out later she'd done the same to other people around

She spun me a very similar story, except that her boyfriend was in hospital and she was locked out of her house. She needed money for a cab to get to work...yeah right. Was her name Mrs Williams? The one from round the corner and three doors down?! I'll keep an eye out for her, and this nurse fraudster too! The police told me they already knew of her so reporting any more incidents will be beneficial to them.

omg, thats really scary. I must admit I dont open my door to anyone I dont know, day or night, but call out the window. I get the fund raisers more so, and usually end up giving them money. Im quite sure genuine but dont anymore

i would say def dont open your door to anyone at night if you dont know them. I make a point of knowing my neighbours at least to say hello to, but must admit thats not the ones living the other side of the road

I wouldn't normally have done but my sis had not long left and I thought it was her coming back to pick up something she'd left behind which happens regularly! I will defo not open to anyone again late at night, - calling out the window is a good idea, will do that in future.

This girl said her name was Andrea, and used the same name all that time ago over Stroud Green way when I lived there...amazing! it was just a shame my reflexes weren't a bit sharper since I'd gone to the door thinking it was my sis who'd not long left coming back for something.This time it was neighbor from four doors up, last time it was three doors down with the white door! There was a house with a white door where people came and went so it seemed believable that time.

Take a pic of the girl and post it.

I always call out 'who is it?' from behind the door and say my dog is a bit frisky. It's important for them to be found as whilst it is annoying to waste £20, older neighbours, especially if frail, can be confused, give more money, become a target for worse and often have a catastrophic reaction. So well done for reporting it and flagging it here so others can help stamp it out if possible.

Sorry to hear you had this unpleasant experience. Depressing to hear it's still going on. I was caught out by this in the 1980s but not heard about it since, until now...

Thank you - I'm certainly going to be on my guard in future and felt I should warn people because another neighbour nearby had also had a 'visitor' but had become suspicious and refused to give any money



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