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Last Minute Local Music Gift ' "Tubby Hayes and the Downbeat Big Band: Blues at the Manor 1959-60"

Some Manor House music history - more here 

Buy on Amazon here - and I'm sure it's available other places too.

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What a Great Venue for Jazz, the Manor House was, and seeing as I live on Grand Parade Harringay, so easy to get to. I started going there in the late 50s till I left England in November 1964. What a good night we all had, listening too the Best of Jazz and being able to Jive on the Dance Floor. It became like a ritual every Sunday Night, a whole load of me and my mates, would turn up, like clockwork ha!ha! I would just love to revisit, one of those great nights again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's something I don't quite understand. Quoting from the first link above, it says: "Easily the pick of the 2015 releases to date, the now little remembered Downbeat Big Band heard live in two settings in these previously unreleased recordings, the first and best from the Gerrard Street premises of Ronnie Scott’s in 1959 just over a fortnight after the club was founded, the second nine and a half months later a still more manicured quality recording made for the BBC captured at the Paris theatre." Is that description correct? In which case, why does the CD title imply it was recorded at the Manor House? The Amazon product description seems to support the above quote.

Yes, it's not clear. The band's home base was the Manor House pub. One of the tracks is "Manor Blues", but it seems that this recording wasn't actually recorded there. It's free to listen with Amazon Prime and I was listening this morning as I work and during one of the BBC announcements, Manor House at least gets a name check (in the spiel leading up to Like Someone in Love!).

See also my comment here

Merry Christmas Hugh. Thanks for the info re; Manor House, I think I might try to get that Recording. Like I said before " The Manor House was a Great Venue for Jazz " in the 50s and 60s. Thanks again Hugh, you have been doing a great Job on this site. Eddie.

I hope this message gets to Eddie Constable.  Eddie I'm an old neighbor of yours as we lived at 5a Grand Parade form 1951 - 1979.  Our name was Goldfield then but for a reason too long to go into we changed it to Granville.  There was my Dad, Max, my Mum, Irene, my brother, Alan, and me, Brian.  Mum and Dad have long gone but Alan is fine and living in North Wales.  His wife died some ten years ago.  I live in California with my wife, Joyce.  We're retired but do some occasional work at the San Francisco Giants ballpark.  You may remember at 5b were the Devlins, Mr and Mrs Devlin, and their boys Alec and Jack.  On a visit back home about ten years ago we met up with them.  Over at 6a were the Wilsons, Mr and Mrs Wilson, and their boys, Chris and Andrew.  Chris lived in South Africa where he died a few years ago, but Andrew is in Australia.  he was living in Bright, Victoria but has recently moved to Sydney.  We keep in touch by email a few times a year.  I remember your brother, Albie and your sister Maureen.  Write when you can.  Brian 



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