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before it turns into a Customer Service Centre with a bit of library on the ground floor.

It's being closed at 4pm today Sunday, before closing for at least six months for 'refurbishment'.

People are going from 3pm onwards to have a last look round and to let the councillors responsible know that they disagree with the whole daft scheme. The library and computer access will disappear. The 'alternative provision' they have offered is a list of other libraries.

This is all tied up with the plans for Apex House.  Once the council agreed to sell the site to Grainger last year so they can build their 22-storey tower, our library was already running out of time.  A bit of pretend looking for alternative sites for the Apex House services and their 150 staff, and they settled on this library and the one at Wood Green. This does not need planning permission or change of use permission, because both come into the same licencing class. There has been no consultation.  The spin machine is claiming this was all planned so we get a fabulous new library, the biggest joke of the lot.

There is a planning application for changing the type of back door. This cannot be examined by the Planning Committee before October, as it's still live:See here, and please add your comments, deadline 8th September. We suspect it will not get as far as an actual public committee, as it will be pushed through as a 'minor change' to be agreed by officers not elected councillors.

There is no plan submitted yet for Apex House/FagPacket Towers.


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What a disgrace! We will not stop campaigning to stop Haringey Council from trying to obliterate our great library! 

Haringey Council at it again. Shame on them.

This is the only notice about the library closure, found as you hit the locked doors.

Note the apology is not for the disappearance of the library, but that users have to go elsewhere to return books.  Ask the missing staff for info?

And really, couldn't they have left one of those lockable book return bins in the foyer?

More and more incompetence.

Has Hornsey Library ceased to exist ?

Is it not one of the above, renamed? 


Images of Tottenham's main public library, closed at 4PM this
afternoon, for at least six months, courtesy of Haringey Council

Lobby outside the locked doors

Deserted issues counter, shot through glass

Note staircase: to be moved or removed. It's big, steel and strong

Bust of Marcus Garvey

Pam shooting the notice that includes, "… library is closed for redevelopment …"

you've blown it Clive, now that notice will get taken down so we can't sneak in and grab it to wave it in front of lawyers.  To be replaced by one that says 'refreshment' so they don't need to do a proper consultation.

Pam the only thing that's blown, is local Labour's promise to keep all nine libraries open.

I don't know what you were doing with that object you're holding, but you might agree that my photo shows the notice in situ and it is also legible (and possibly being photographed by your good self to boot). Possibly your own shot shows the same. This is surely better than a piece of paper.

I think the notice is likely remain, if only because there is now photographic evidence of it in position and containing the word "redevelopment". The authorities – though engaged in much misleading – haven't exhibited much cleverness. Were the wording on this notice to be amended in the way you suggest, it would serve only to draw more attention to the original wording.

I hope they issue a "correction" and I hope you'll join me in photographing that too.

Thank you for highlighting the Council's clause "… closed for redevelopment …" – it's helpful.



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