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I have 22 large cardboard removals boxes if anyone wants them

collection in N15


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What are the exact dimensions please? I'm looking for boxes as close as possible to 65x50x45 cm.


dimensions are 56x40x46


Many thanks. It would be to help distribute donations to the people still in the refugee camp at Calais. I've emailed the organiser to ask if they would be suitable.

Great, let me know when you hear

Just heard. Yes, any that can be spared would be welcomed. I can pick them up by Zipcar when convenient for you.

Great, you’re welcome to them all. Have sent you a friend request and I will send you my contact details once excepted

Many thanks! They will be very welcomed at Calais, though I may keep a few back for a friend who doesn't have any storage for clothes! Also some for Vic who asked for some this morning.

I would also be interested in them if you have any spare? vic

Sorry, didn't see your post until now. I have them all now (in Tottenham) but can spare a few if you could collect them.

Thanks but it sounds like you need them for a good cause, will get some in due course.

I think that some will not be needed. Will know for certain by 8th December, if you can wait that long.

That will be fine, let me know and i can pick them up to suit you, thank you.



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