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Ladder traffic calming - a personal plan by our neighbourhood police sergeant

Attached is a traffic calming plan drawn up some time ago by our ward sergeant, Jono Clay-Michael.

I must stress that this is not published in Jono's professional capacity. Although informed by his many years' experience in traffic and neighbourhood policing, it is a personal view and should not be taken to represent the views of the Metropolitan Police.

For me, this document reflects much more closely the local residents' concerns. It has been provided to the consultants involved in the Green Lane Corridor project.

Given that the funding is for the Green Lanes Corridor and not just Green Lanes, I'd very much like to know why this plan, or any part of it, or anything seeking to achieve the same aims, hasn't been included.

To discuss this and other options using the funding to effectively help deal with Harringay's traffic, please go to the discussion, "Update on plans of where to spend TfL's £1.2m for Harringay"

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