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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

It appears like the day of the betting shop on Harringay is well and truly over. Poor legislation introduced by the last Labour administration (to say nothing of who was in charge of the department responsible) which encouraged a huge development of betting shops across the country.

Despite the best efforts of locals to fight them off in Harringay, we were particularly badly affected with a dozen shops in Harringay at one point. 

More recent legislation to control Fixed Odds Betting Terminals seems to be seeing the shops close down.

The shop pictured above is on the corner of Salisbury Road. I called the agents and they confirmed that their sign does refer to the betting shop. 

The company has another rshop further south on Green Lanes, but it's good to see things getting more balanced again. 

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Would  make a better Post Office site than the Half-Paul-Simon further along.

Thank god there are no adjacent Turkish restaurants hell bent on horizontal integration...

Here's what Ladbrokes and the two Winkworths units used to be. 

Wow. Looks much more civilised. 

Cheapest pint in town! As much as I despise their founder their beer selection has improved substantially and there are some in the city which are reasonably decent...

I used to like the Suffolk Punch before it got a bit rough. A decent drink, not dear, and food as well. It was a handy place to go and when my mum came to visit years back she looked forward to going in there. It would make a lovely new Turkish restaurant, eh??



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