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I have recently been witness to a neighbour being quite unfairly evicted from a property they had owned the lease on. I won't go into personal information to much but the person had lived the flat for over 30 years and had no family or friends to turn to for help and no idea of where to go. Due to the circumstances or technicalities of the eviction the council deemed this person as being made intentionally homeless, though they where not interested in the conditions under which this took place and was not offered anything more than a piece of paper with some soup kitchen addresses and told which parks sandwich vans go to! I found that there are only really two organisations in London that deal with getting the homeless off the street and don't want to name them as although what they are doing takes too long, doesn't really work and is not sufficient, they are doing the best they can on limited resources and I don't want to complain about them at all. What I have realised and want to discuss is the lack of shelter and support for such people in the area, off which there are in fact many. I have had some very valuable support and advice from cllr David Schmitz on helping this person which I am eternally thankful for and have discussed this lack with him to some extent. the good cllr has offered to support me in my endeavour to better this situation and it seems that the way forward would be to Convert a property into a short stay hostel offering support services aiding the homeless back into main stream life. I just wanted to put the feelers out there and see if anyone would be interested in this and what help we can get together from the local area and residents. Feel free to ask more as I may not have been clear and any suggestions are welcome.

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Details of the next HHAG meeting, this time held on a Thursday evening, can be found here: http://haringeyhousingaction.org.uk/haringey-private-tenants-meetin...

Thanks, rwillmsen, this is actually really helpful.  I might come along to the meeting :-)

Esat (and others), you maybe interested in listening to the latest instalment of Four Thought (Radio 4) which was on tonight; iplayer

On the programme Jad Adams thinks we are dealing with homelessness less well than in the 1930s. He is very critical of what could be called the homeless industry. He sets out his arguments to show why he thinks services for the homeless are so badly and inflexibly run, with provision of services fobbed off to charities by local & national govt. But he's not particularly kind about some of the charities either.



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