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As part of our use of HoL in the 2010 elections, we're upload and asking other people to upload copies of any local party political promotional material they come across. There are parts of three wards in Harringay:

Harringay (all)
St Ann's (part)
Seven Sisters (part)

Material from all three is welcome.

The aim is help to keep track of what each candidate/party has on offer. We'll also be able to remind those elected of what they said this Spring. 

There is one thread for each of the parties.

If you're not too sure about how to add pictures to the thread, see our walk through of how to do it here.

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Here's a piece that came through my door today. Click & click again to see the literature full-size.

I've signed it.
I'm happier with this one than the LD leaflet received around the same time.

As it stands, it may be that there's something of the Associate yourself with something and infer your involvement in / influence over it was perhaps greater than in reality syndrome. As set out in the leaflet, the main action referred to is a campaign by Lammy. I'd like to hear about what our local politicians have done.

As for the HMO issue. It's a good issue to focus on and I know that Nora has put a good deal of work into this issue behind the scenes collaborating with a group of residents who got together through HoL.

As far as opposition knocking is concerned, I'm glad to see it's absent - although it's easier for a ruling party to avoid that tactic of course.

So, I'm happier with this leaflet than the Lib Dem one, but in the next one, I'd like to see the politicians come out from behind David Lammy's skirts and focus on what the local politicians and candidates have done. And, please lots of focus on what residents identified as their key areas of concern in 2008 (see attachment on post linked to).
I don't see why David Lammy needs us to sign up to his campaign - he's our MP and our representative already. Why doesn't he just get on with it and translate his fine words into action ? Or is this, as Hugh implies, bandwagon jumping ?
Can we try and keep focussed on local issues and on politicians who'll be standing in the local elections. Although David Lammy is local, he's not running in the local elections.
The Labour News leaflet is all about Harringay and our local issues. But I agree, a constituency MP is trying to coat tail on the local elections to raise his profile for the national Parliamentary election.
Not necessarily fair John. You don't know that. It could be the other way round or simply MP and local politicians pooling their stories for the benefit of both.
I think this in Haringey Labour, rather than Harringay Labour - somewhat more oppositional that the local one. Click & click again to see the literature full-size.:

Yes Hugh, more oppositional - which may be where they should be at for a decade or so.
The speciousness of their Lib Dem tax attacks compared with the cynicism of their Great Council Tax Freeze is what gets on my wick. Grab your GCTF now, folks - you won't see another one till 2014! What sort of numbskulls do they take us for?
I don't think they take people for numbskulls at all - given that voters can all spot this is an election year, freezing Council Tax and expecting people to then go out and vote for you purely on that basis would be a self-defeating move. Given that the Council leadership know this, it would make far more sense to assume that the freeze is intended for exactly the purpose Claire Kober has said it is for: helping keep the costs for Haringey families down whilst we work our way out of recession.

John (Labour prospective council candidate, Hornsey ward)
Oh yes, John. Silly me to be such a cynical old dog - but then you must attend to your 'prospects' rather than my 'suspects'. Still, nice to have your De-Claire-ation.
Apologies, I mis-typed (thanks for the lexical lead there RR). Of course I meant to type:

I think this is Haringey Labour, rather than Harringay Labour - somewhat more oppositional than the local one. Click & click again to see the literature full-size.:



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