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Krankbrother noise starts in Finsbury Park - best trees in park's northside under threat




This week party promoter Krankbrother set up in Finsbury Park smack back next to the best veteran trees in the park for a 5-day event starting this Saturday (5th August - 12 Aug.) They spend 2 weeks setting up with 7-ton JCBs, breeze blocks and huge sheets of fencing - what we saw before the fences locked us out was a horrifying lack of protection for the old and lovely tree root zones in this northside - the most bioperse part of the park.

There is no indication Haringey Council nor Krank, who invite DJS and 8,000 paying attendees to party are protecting trees - which the Woodland Trust say should be cordoned off by at least 15x the trunk diameter.

If you're in Haringey, or even elsewhere please write in the first instance to:

Events managers at Haringey

sarah.jones@haringey.gov.uk and Parks boss Simon Farrow

simon.farrow@haringey.gov.uk to express your concerns.

Write to Krank:

kieran@krankbrother.com - director

ash@krankbrother.com - site manager

cassie@krankbrother.com - marketing


Call their community line on If you experience any problems during the various event’s build, show days, or de-rig periods, please contact the management team on the dedicated Residents’ Line for assistance - 0782 707 2425.
This number will only be available over the event’s build and de-rig period from 8am-8pm daily, and on the relevant show days from 10am-midnight.

There's an excellent guide to protecting veteran trees and events by the Woodland Trust here for your guidance:



Please write to your Cllrs (the Ladder, Hermitage, Stroud Green, Cabinet Leaders, Council Officers and Senior Civil Servents at HaringeyCouncil)

✍️ SAMPLE LETTER, edit as you see fit but keep simple: ✍️

Dear Cllrs and Council Officers

I am very unhappy with the decision to host the 8,000 person Krankbrother festival in this nature-rich north side of Finsbury Park.

Please abide by your own and the Woodland Trust guidelines in protecting tree roots from compaction and other damage - residents on social media should not have to keep a check on the conduct of operations in the setting up and running of this festival.

150-year-old trees are our natural heritage and home to many bird species that are still nesting - these trees are not replaceable should they get diseased - once lost such monumental trees are lost forever.

You should not have made this decision in the knowledge of the ecological damage it causes.

I would like this festival to be moved off the north side of the park in the future and for senior civil servants to ensure due diligence from the events and parks team in monitoring multiple contractors. This clearly isn't happening at present.

Please respond to this email so that my concerns are neither ignored or outright denied.

🌎 Thank you 🌎 PROTECT * RESTORE * FUND


Haringey Tree Protectors


Press, Petition, Crowd-funder: 


Twitter: @justplanenews

Insta @saveharingeytrees

Facebook: Haringey Tree Protectors 

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Email duly sent.

thanks alan

Have you any evidence that trees were damaged?  If not, haven’t you got something better to do?

Have you got any evidence that the trees were not damaged. Tree experts have studied to understand the effect of compaction of the soil around roots, and the damage to roots caused by the heavy weights. Proof of the damage will only come in future springs, when the roots can no longer provide the necessary water to the crowns. Part of the crown will die, and foliage will be stunted.

Another site under Haringey supervision is Hornsey Town Hall. Strict rules were put in place to safeguard tree roots. These rules have not been enforced. There is not a healthy tree left in the curtiage of the Town Hall.

This report from an arboriculturist on the sycamore in the front of the town hall:

HTH site visit 9/8/23

Mature Sycamore to the front of the Town Hall (facing the Broadway)
Age 100-120 years
Height 24m x 23m Spread
Trunk diameter at 1.5m above ground -1m
(Thus giving a Root Protection Area (RPA) of 12m radius from the trunk)

The canopy is now very sparse with significant areas of dead growth gradually increasing, as the weeks go by (and despite a very wet summer) with foliage half its regular size.
I’ve notified appropriate authorities about the abuse of the RPA over the past 3 years during the site development and a temporary removal of the heavy plant/materials has occurred, only for the RPA to used again for plant storage. The substantial weight of the plant- causing soil compaction and stress to the tree roots, potential leakage/spillage of building materials, root exposure/severance during landscaping, has resulted in a tree that is clearly suffering.
We only see the effects of this abuse some months afterwards, as the damaged root system struggles to supply the canopy with water - which is vital for enabling the fully fleshed leaves to facilitate photosynthesis. 
I am deeply concerned that the ongoing deterioration will result in a dead tree - I hope I’m wrong but 50 years of professional arboricultural practice tells me otherwise.

That tree in the middle was on its last legs before the developers moved in. 

Elizabeth, I know you are local to Crouch End but you seem consistently very negtative about any attempts for people to protect trees and green spaces in the local area. Perhaps we could meet in person and discuss what it is you object to?



I’m a big fan of trees. I’m not a big fan of groups that use hyperbole and exaggeration. The council have not said they intend to pave the Parkland Walk for instance. They’ve said they want to improve access. It was the same pointless drama about the few trees that were removed earlier this year with no discernible effect on the enjoyment of the PW. The tree on the green was never going to thrive as a result of the build. Everyone knew that but insisted it be kept but for what …so it could not thrive just as predicted. Better to have taken it down and got newer more resilient trees instead. 

All those in opposition to what we do use the same terms 'hyperbole' - can I say that you severely underestimate the number of trees (when you say 'a few trees') removed for bridge works on the PW. Three of us, included a professor of botany carried out our own audit after most of the fellings in 2021 and we counted 150 trees felled - this was a modest count. 2 trees of 150-year-old were felled by mistake as the Project manager David Theakston admitted to us on a walk to view the damage  - one including an oak - at the Muswell Hill end of the PW (st james lane). The council didn't do their own count of felled trees - why would they - it would make them look bad. This is not hyerbole or exaggeration. You seem to hold the same view as the council which I find strange as a local resident and professed lover of trees. Not sure if you realise how bad the nature crisis is.

We remain deeply concenered the council plan to urbanise the PW walk - a nature reserve - and Finsbury Park and many trees will be impacted.

(BTW The tree on the green was not properly protected during the work as the expert aboriculturalist notes- it could have been easily protected and cordoned off. This is a professional view.)

The Council have experts too. Ditto the developers. They may not agree with your expert. Just saying your expert says X doesn’t make it so. Tree management is an absolutely crucial part of preserving any kind of woodland and that includes removal of trees. Loads of people in CE kick up a fuss every year at completely standard arboricultural practice of coppicing of street trees. Not all cutting of trees is automatically bad. That’s my point, 

How do you urbanize a substantial man made embankment set among, above and over  terraced houses and main thoroughfares.

Refugees piling up at the bottom of the Med.  Raw sewage spewed in to our rivers and oceans.  Local food banks struggling to meet demand.  And yet we should focus our energies on writing to the council about the outside possibility a digger has been parked too close to a tree in an urban park?

You were evidently unaware of this, but it is entirely possible to care about more than one thing at a time; and to to care about matters of greater and lesser import. Still, if this is how you get your kicks, more power to your elbow.



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