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Our cat of 20 year's sadly died recently and we are now very keen on getting one or two cats to fill that void. 

We have contacted rescue homes, and despite our last cat being a rescue cat, we have been turned down due to having a child under 16. My son is gutted. 

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of someone who may have some kittens or cats that need rehoming?  We live in N4, have a garden, catflap etc and are more than happy to be interviewed / screened. 

Feel free to DM me. 

Thanks in advance 


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Hi Ben,

We adopted 2 cats from Mayhew rescue centre and we had a 2 year old back then. No problems at all as long as the cats up for adoption are OK with children. Good luck! 

Try The Scratching Post. They rehome cats and mittens to homes where children are over six. They do the homecheck via video call. We got our 2 from there 9 months ago. 



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