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I came across a black pack back in the Passage between Warham and Pemberton, it's contents were strewn around and it looks looked like it had been stolen and quickly rifled. There was a set of house keys and a pass key for a computer with Tim Price written on it. There was a also a wax jacket from Next. If this is yours please DM me before I take the keys to Hornsey police station

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try calling the neighborhood bobby first- Glynn: 07920 233 786

He may be aware of the loss and it may save you a trip to the cop shop.


Thanks for that - I know the owner - I'll contact him - hang on to it and I'll let you know soon - Many thanks

Sorry for the delay, I've been travelling

I've sent you a connection request so that we can hopefully get these things back to their owner

Hello again - I tried to send a private message to you (with the owner's details) - don't know whether you received it - Maybe you're away again! - If you get this please reply - Apologies for any inconvenience - Regards



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