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I haven’t had the weekly catch up for a few weeks now. Shame as have always enjoyed catching up

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I sometimes don't receive the ketchup by email, but if you go to the home page and click on the button 'read latest Friday ketchup', you can read it there...

Hi, just checking that you’ve looked in your spam/junk folder? Sometimes legitimate emails get sent there. If you do find it there, you can make it Not Spam or move it to your inbox to “teach” your email to accept it. You can also check your settings in this site to make sure you’re still agreeing to get mail from it. If not as Jeremy says it is available via the button on the left. 

It’s not in spam. How do I check my settings for this site. I’ve been getting it for years no problem

thanks in advance

Top right hand corner of the home page you should see a settings choice and then a menu that includes email but as Hugh says it might just be because the hosts don't want to fix the problem.

Got it thanks. At least now I know how to turn settings on for when others post. Great

I haven’t received it since end of January either. Settings configured to receive it and not in spam, so must be a technical problem with this site.

Sorry about this. I’m afraid it’s just aging technology and a platform host that doesn’t seem to be able to fix the issue with the emails not always being sent out to everybody. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it bar paying a few hundred pounds extra each year to upgrade to the latest version.

Ah ok, understand thanks 

I’ve also missed out on most Ketchups since just before Christmas, though the 2 Feb one did arrive (thanks, Hugh), so I thought the problem had been solved. I was wrong! As it’s only got this bad in recent weeks, and taking Hugh’s comment into consideration, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for improvement shortly.

Did wonder about the missing ketchups but the HP (home page) is always there if needed. Always look forward to searching for the ketchup though. Great site!

Thank you for your reply. I had already checked my spam etc. when l press green button to read Friday Ketchup the latest edition in not there. Sorry but getting a bit frustrated by all this.

Apologies, entirely my fault. The settings needed changing. It was still in Admin mode. It's visible now



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