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So clockwise, here's a quick recap of the developments and their potential effects on Harringay:

Closure of Wood Green High Street to all traffic except buses - traffic rerouting via Wightman and the Ladder roads.

Hale Village - Haringey's "largest ever development" - 1200 new homes, hotel, 50,000 sq ft retail space, supermarket etc - the Ladder is on the East-West route to Tottenham Hale - more shops = more traffic.

St Ann's Hospital development - unknown number of new homes.

Woodberry Down Estate Development - 1,980 homes become 4,300 homes, 50% private.

City North, Finsbury Park - 480 homes + shopping

Hornsey Concrete Factory - heavy vehicles already using Ladder roads unchecked.

Hornsey Depot Development - 300 new homes + new Sainsbury's

Haringey Heartlands - 1500 new homes + workplaces etc

Poor old Harringay is right in the middle of all of this and as of today, no thought is being given to, nor planning considered for the effects on Harringay and how to mitigate them.

Am I the only one concerned?

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Apologies for going on about this, but it seems to me, crucial that we try and get the Council to consider Harringay's needs is in all this.

No, but you've certainly set it all in its starkest perspective yet.
That looks like potentially quite a lot of extra people. So far the discussions re. Wood Green have been largely concerns about road traffic. Looking at your graphic, public transport (eg. the Piccadilly line, and train services via Harringay/Hornsey stations which are already overloaded during rush hour) are going to be tested - certainly there is no reserve capacity at the moment.
The only small positive thing I can see in all this is that a new Sainsbury's might at least take some of the pressure off ours from all those Crouch Enders. I remember several years back being asked by a woman in Priory Park to sign her petition against the one they were trying to build in Hornsey at the time - I told her I would sign if she promised NEVER to drive down my street on her way to the one on Green Lanes. I know, I'm a nimby...
I used to love seeing all those celebrities from Crouch End in Sainsburys. This bloke I saw more than once and he pulled some amazing faces while in the queue. I bet he did drive down your street too.



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