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Hey guys,
I'm interested in the general opinion, of what you think green lanes will look like in say 3 years? I know gentrification is a dicey topic, but curios if green lanes will look like Stokey or crouch end? There's already some new shops like bean n barley and harringay local that have popped up, And I wondered what the character of future shops and green lanes might be?

What do you think?

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It's not just constrained by local disposable income but availability of premises. If you want to come in as a new player you need to negotiate with the local landlords and they seem to not just be interested in money.

Take a careful note of the number of traders that park outside their own shops. The Pound Plus shop next to Zam's uses the car parking space outside his shop as extra advertising by putting a fluffy white tiger on top of his car whilst parked there. They're not the only ones.

Emine has told me that the big van in front of the northbound Falkland Rd busstop can't be given tickets because every time they do the shopowner rushes out and says "loading, loading".

They could if they pointed a camera on them for a week.

Well he leaves the back door open so the CCTV on the busses doesn't work...

There is normally a ‘no loading’ restriction between 8am - 10am and 4pm - 6.30pm. During this no vehicles are allowed to park , load or unload during loading restriction hours.  When loading and unloading  is generally limited to 40 minutes and the activity must be continuous.

But the van in question parks all day and during the restricted hours above.

If enforcement watched for 5 minutes, they would see that the activity is not continuous. He is NOT loading.

Tesco and Iceland just pay the fine allegedly.

We have tried. For years. And years.

In our road there has been a small reduction of HMO's as landlords cash in (or should that be cash out) on high house prices. These have been bought by families who have been priced out of neighbouring areas. But the character of our road is relatively settled and the demand for the sort of shops that might be a feature of an up and coming area doesn't look to me, like it will change that much.

I don't think it will look like Crouch End, Stokey or the Lower Clapton Road in three years but depending on how the new business rates play out with independent businesses, we may see a direction of travel away from betting shops to something more edifying. Here's hoping.

I think you're right Richard. I have friends who travel a fair distance to come to Green Lanes to buy stuff that is difficult to get (or expensive) elsewhere. Also, the restaurants feature quite prominently on tourist websites as good, cheap places to eat. What I do see is a more mixed look to the street (constrained by the issue JMc mentions above) but retaining some of the character (and characters) it has now.

Harringay GL is now the 'go to' place in Haringey and will only get better in this sense.

The 'enforcers' on planning at LCSP have a close eye on most planning applications. If they hear of complaints or don't like something they let the council know.

The landlord situation John mentions does seem quite settled (Greek, Jewish, Turkish predominantly). The Salisbury including upstairs is owned by a Greek guy for example.

An estate agent at Winkworths expressed his surprise last year that the new places coming in were 'more Dalston than Crouch End'. The new bars are second generation Kurdish, Turkish etc. There are also some first generation Polish, Albanian & Australian run businesses, so a good mix. I think that will continue. 

I would suggest that Harringay GL has arrived, rather than 'up & coming', with it's own unique attraction for visitors. Tramp has just pushed that uniqueness to the limits!

New Labour policy back years ago. Councils have recently been given powers back to lessen clustering of these businesses.

We are way better than crouch End and stokey because we are diverse we have everything on offer for all far and wide . I have friends who come from Whetsone to use our Sainsbury and TK Maxx. And now with so much variety and award winning restaurants to try I would rather go to Green Lanes now than anywhere else to eat
I have lived here all of my life and although the shops and residents in general have changed greatly for the better it still has that feel it did years ago I feel like I am on holiday when o walk along green lanes and in a good way you do not get that anywhere else .
With a lovely side dish of some new coffee shops and health shops it really is the perfect mix of old and new and something for everyone and anyone and to all feel welcome



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