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I have an electric oven in need of repair and I cannot get hold of JSG in Crouch End who normally are my first port of call for any electrical item repairs. It is ringing but no one picking up and no voicemail before it cuts out.

I don't have a mobile for any of the guys there in case they are working away from the store.

Can anyone tell me if they know if they are open or a different way of getting hold of them?

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They've set their Google page to "Temporarily Closed". They have an email address on their website. 

Thanks- it said they were open yesterday- I did check, honest!

Anyone have a mobile number at all for any of them? I have emailed too, in the hope it will be picked up...

Don’t have a mobile number but the landline I have used in the past is different to the one in Hugh’s screen grab. Try 020 8348 9713. 

I have used both. Thanks John. 

Justin, we needed an urgent oven repair too today and used Robert at Washtronics Ltd. Messaged him last night, and he has just been. Polite, knowledgeable, and got the job done quickly at a good price.

079 8645 3121

It was posted on Crouch End FB page a while back that the owner was seriously ill with covid sadly and had been in hospital for some time.  

Oooow. Poor guy. Hope he pulls through. Thanks for the heads up.



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