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Join the Haringey Clean Air People's Assembly on 3rd October 2-4pm

We are a group of local workers, residents, parents and volunteers who have come together to organize this online event because we are concerned about the impact of rising air pollution on our children, on our more vulnerable peoples, and on residents and outdoor workers in the area. We know that outdoor workers, for example, are particularly exposed (up to 15% more that the average Londoner), and have little health and safety legislation to protect them. As an employer and contractor of outdoor workers, we know this must be of ethical and legal concern to you.

Our aims are to:

  • raise awareness of the health issues for all whilst recognising different perspectives and concerns;
  • actively engage the community in learning and decision-making;
  • suggest actions for the council to consider;
  • provide a model for deliberative community engagement (on and off Zoom) which the council and others could roll out across the borough, in wards and smaller neighbourhoods, to create engagement in Haringey's Climate Plan.

This is a journey that we need to go on together, so we need to come together, learn together, and decide together.

The recent UK Citizen's Assembly on Climate Change has proved the effectiveness of this approach.

We are inviting members of the council to attend to provide valuable insights and information, and to observe community engagement happening (hopefully!) in a constructive and participatory way. We have also sent invites to schools, parent groups, local groups, traders associations, environmental groups and trade unionists in order to involve as many voices as possible.

Posted on behalf of Haringey Clean Air Group

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