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Can anyone suggest why my sewing machine wheel will suddenly refuse to move?

All switched on. Light comes on, bobbin moves.

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Maybe the belt linking the wheel to the motor has snapped? 

Thank you for your suggestion, Gillian.

I'll need an expert to look at that.

There is a sewing machine place on Green Lanes that can take a look. Does repairs and services. Worth a try.

Chris Pantelli. 409 Green Lanes.

Thank you, Denise.

I will see if they are still open.

Is it a drop in bobbin or front loader?   Take the bobbin section out, clean and remove any threads and try again.

Pantelli will charge a fortune to fix  Try yourself first.

Thank you for your reply Bamako.

It is nothing to do with the bobbin. I have checked that.

Actually, I have found Pantelli's helpful and generous in the past, but unfortunately they do not have the staff to deal with 'domestics' at the moment.



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