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Would anyone be interested in sharing/swapping some puzzles? I have some 1000 and 1500 puzzles in perfect condition and would love to do some new ones. Happy to exchnage these permanently or temporarily.

Thanks :)


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I really love this idea, we tend to give them to the charity shop when done but will send a connection and next time we do one will contact you when finished!

Great! Sounds lovely 

Hi mia

i would love to do this but only have 1 spare at the moment as I always take them to the charity shop.

Yes definitely. I gave quite a few to a charity shop recently but I still have quite a few. Mostly 1000 pieces.

1000 pieces are good for me, that’s all my board holds

i’m on the ladder

I'm on Wightman Road. Shall we set up a Facebook or Whatsapp group to exchange pictures of puzzles?

WhatsApp 07734939348


I would love to join too. I have a couple going spare at the moment. Will send you a message.

Hi - I would have loved to be part of this, but we are moving so the opportunity has passed. However, on the upside, we have seven 1000 piece puzzles - mostly Ravensburger -  available for anyone who wants to collect them from Stanhope Gardens this weekend. If they're not gone by Monday I'll have to take them to the charity shop. 

Hi roseyrose

would it be possible to collect tomorrow 

is it Stanhope gardens n6?

I'll save five for you. Yes, tomorrow morning about 1000 would work. No, this is the N4 Stanhope Gardens. PM me for door number. 

Sorry, just noticed we haven't done one of them, so it's four. 



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