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If Jeremy Corbyn is elected leader of the Labour Party, will Harringay get its first Blue Plaque? He was a ward councillor for Harringay and lived in Lausanne Rd.

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The man who killed the Labour Party lived here...

get you...

Or saved it, depending on your perspective.

I think you'll find that neither Neil Kinnock nor Tony Blair resided at the address.....

I think poor old Jeremy Corbyn might not be rushing to get a plaque. One must be dead for twenty years or received a ton from Liz Windsor.

So where to put the one for the Dear Leader OBE when the time comes? 

Right at the top of a 21 storey tower block??

I suppose if a plaque was produced a suitable storage space could be found.

I think he would be appalled at such a suggestion.

Now, if it was a Red Plaque......

Extended interview with Jeremy Corbyn here.

What would Jeremy think of being comemorated by a scheme run by English Heritage??

Corbyn is a left wing firebrand with many dodgy actions in his past and these are well remembered in the national press.

Blue Plaques go up to celebrate people with a record of success, no failure, as in Corbyn's case. 



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