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Why I am standing for Tottenham in May 2015

Jenny Sutton

All the main parties have let us down, that’s why I am standing as a candidate in Tottenham at the general election next May 2015. The Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and UKIP are committed to austerity, making workers and the poor pay for the crisis. Tottenham, one of the most deprived areas in London, needs the option of voting against cuts.

Politicians say that there is less money for our wages, homes and public services. Claimants and disabled people are being demonised. Young people face mounting student debts, lack of real jobs and a serious housing crisis. Women are bearing the brunt of collapsing public services. They say we must tighten our belts and pay for the recession, but there are more billionaires in the UK than ever before, sitting on empty investment property while affordable homes are a distant dream for most of us. In the richest city in the world, thousands now rely on food banks.

The Tory, Lib-Dem and Labour Parties echo UKIP’s racism and falsely blame migrants for unemployment, low wages and lack of housing - instead of tackling the tax-dodging corporations, bankers and city boys who caused the crisis and are being bailed out with public money. It is already clear that we will witness the most toxic and racist election in modern British history.

60% of the cuts are still to come. The only difference between the main parties is the speed with which public services are destroyed. The election in May is our chance to say enough is enough. There is an alternative. It’s time to fight for priorities that put people before profit and public services before corporate greed. Labour has committed itself to continuing the coalition austerity programme but millions of us want to see a society based on economic justice, a world fit to pass on to our children. I am standing as a candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition that puts forward a radical, socialist alternative.

Our current MP, David Lammy, could use his position to attack the political consensus and to champion all those who stand up for themselves - but when healthworkers, firefighters, teachers and St Mungo’s housing charity workers go on strike to defend their services, pay and conditions, David is absent. He could support council tenants defending their homes from demolition, but instead supports council house sell-off and the social cleansing of Tottenham. When Mark Duggan’s family courageously challenged the police, courts and media, David undermined their call for justice. Over the summer David even refused to support Palestinians against the murderous Israeli assault on Gaza, and he consistently supports UK warmongering in the Middle East.

Tottenham needs a different kind of MP – one who will take on the establishment, give confidence to everyone who wants to see real change, and be accessible to those in need. MPs are overpaid and out of touch. If elected I will take no more than the average wage and open an office in Tottenham.

 I have lived and worked in Tottenham for 25 years and my children have attended Tottenham primary and secondary schools. I am a teacher and chair of the UCU union at CONEL College and have organised against cuts to jobs and education, against unfair dismissals and for a living wage for the college cleaners. Over the years I have campaigned alongside many others in our community over housing, benefit justice, police racism and migrant rights.

 If you agree with me, please get involved with the election campaign. We need to raise over £3000 and establish a network of supporters in every neighbourhood and workplace.

Jenny Sutton

phone: 07510 850 836

email: jenny4tottenham@gmail.com

twitter: @jenny4tottenham

facebook: facebook.com/JennySutton4Tottenham

donate: Tottenham Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Co-Op Bank Sort Code: 089299, Acct no 65388615. Send cheques to TUSC, 16 Ripon Rd, London N17 6PP

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What's your position on the Green Party? They are also opposed to War, austerity,privatisation etc. Further, they are a political party unlike TUSC which is not. Aren't you just going to split the Left vote ?

Jenny is a Socialist and an active trade unionist. The Green Party has some good policies but lacks a clear understanding of the causes of inequality and deprivation in our society. The recession was not caused by capitalism being "broken" but by it working normally. It will be good to have a socialist voice in this election. But Phil Foxe is right that it is time for a party to the left of the Labour. Left Unity is such a new party,  formed only last year but already with thousands of members. 

Left Unity is not standing in Tottenham as it is early for us and we have focussed on campaigning directly against  issues like the Labour  Council's plans to demolish council estates. And we do not feel it would help to further split a left vote.  But we did approach both the Greens and Jenny Sutton's campaign to se if there could be one, joint, broad left candidacy in Tottenham (leaving the Greens a clear field in Hornsey & Wood Green). Unfortunately that didn't happen. 

So I would say support Jenny Sutton for Tottenham as a socialist candidate in 2015, but build Left Unity for a consistent socialist environmentalist feminist (and democratic member led) party in Haringey. 

The real problem is the dogma from the isms and skims. 

We need a coalition of progressives that will fight for the people in the constituency and not the party they stand for. But I guess to find a candiate with enough carisma to beat the shoe-in lacquey from labour will be quite hard.



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