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i have seen a couple of the houses on St Ann’s rd (between glenwood and woodlands park road) have Japanese knotweed growing in the front garden. I met the tenants of one of the properties and asked them to inform their landlord but it seems unlikely they will actually do it. Is there anything else that can be done? It seems to be spreading around the area at a concerning rate.

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... best to contact your local councillor...

Noah Tucker

Contact information
Correspondence address:
River Park House
225 High Road
Wood Green
N22 8HQ

Email: noah.tucker@haringey.gov.uk

Mobile: 07812 677713

Thanks Roger, I have done exactly that. Let’s see what happens.

i don’t think many people recognise it, nor the risks it poses to the property.

The Council has a role to play in this and can order the landlord to clear it. The ward has an enforcement officer who would visit and inspect and issue an order.


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay Ward

Hi Zena, thanks for your reply, really useful to know that. I have emailed Noah, so will see what he replies with. In addition, there is clearly a lack of knowlege about the plant and the damage it can do. It would be great to see something in one of the leaflets that goes out, to raise awareness.

Hopefully the toxic caterpillars will eat it.

Don’t worry, our ‘hostile environment’ policies will send these unwelcome flora and fauna packing.

Noah replied (on A Sunday!) and will inform the local enforcement team.

This can become a major problem - this report was worrying:


Hi Zena,

Just as an update to my previous comment. Noah passed me to homes for haringey who confirmed that the properties were not managed by them and therefore there would not be doing anything. Since noticing the knotweed on St Anns road, I have begun to notice it in several other front gardens in the area. It is clearly spreading

I would very much appreciate some advice on which team in the council I should contact in order for someone to take action. As I am growing increasingly frustrated by the council's bureaucratic approach to passing the buck/inaction.

Hi Sam, 

sorry to bring up an old thread but I'm in the early phase of purchasing a house exactly where you mentioned the knotweed problem was back in 2018. Did you end up seeing any resolution / action to remove the knotweed or it's the same? 

Going past the properties it doesn't seem so, but I'm not an expert and the Estate Agent has not mentioned anything about japanese knotweed which is concerning!

Hi Ken, 

There have been a couple of houses recently renovated on that stretch of road, but neither seemed to do anymore than pave over the knotweed. 

Unfortunately, as you can see from adjacent houses that knotweeds is still present and is likely to affect the newly renovated houses. 

It doesn't seem to have spread to all of the houses in that stretch of road, so it depends which one you're buying.

It’s literally the one in the middle (greyish paint) that’s just been refurbed. The house next door does look like there’s Japanese knotweed in the front garden so with 4 years history I would be surprised if the house I’m buying has been treated. 

Thanks for confirming , I’m trying to see whether the seller is pleading ignorance of the matter now. 

It's a bit hard to make out, but if you look at the number on the bin lid, it's from number 420. 

The vendor may be pleading ignorance, but it was definitely growing in the front garden prior to renovations. 



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