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Does anyone know this person? I have received a car tax reminder for her, addressed to my house where as far as I know she has never lived.

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Maddy, you initially can raise it with DVLA by email - at [link] , though you'll need to follow up by letter.   Heading this off before it becomes ingrained in the system is a priority, of course.  Select 'Vehicle Enquiries', then 'You've received something from us such as a penalty notice' then 'Receiving correspondence for a vehicle I have never owned or no longer own', then 'Receiving correspondence about a vehicle which I have never owned'. Then give your contact details: you will receive an autoreply email like this, logging your initial contact:

Dear Xx Yy
Thank you for your enquiry received on 2022-12-30.
Your case reference number is XXXXXX.

I am sorry to learn that you have received correspondence for a vehicle of which you have never owned.

So that we may investigate your enquiry and remove your address from our records for this vehicle you will need to write to us immediately, as a signature is required. If you have received a Registration Certificate (V5C) for the vehicle, this should be returned to DVLA with a covering letter.

When writing, please include the following information:

Vehicle Registration Number
Make & model of the vehicle concerned (if known)
Brief explanation of the current situation

Where should I send the letter?      Please write to:

Keeper Team
SA99 1ZZ

What happens next?       Any statutory notices that you receive for the vehicle should be returned to the issuing authority giving what details you can for the vehicle. Only the issuing authority are in a position to make a decision based on the evidence you provide.

How long will it take?         We're working hard to process transactions and answer your enquiries as quickly as possible.
There is no need to phone to chase up your application during this time as we are dealing with all paper applications in the order in which they are received.

You will receive a response within 6 weeks.

While it's not an exact match to what you've received [wrong person as well as wrong vehicle] I hope it works.      By the way, if the reminder gives the vehicle index in the form ABC 1234 it was registered in Northern Ireland.

Thanks Gordon, will look into it- interestingly the only person by that name I can find online is in NI...

I think I've solved the puzzle. I opened the letter (which I hadn't before out of respect for privacy) and despite all the dire warnings on the outside it turned out to be a driving licence renewal form. I'm guessing it's for the person I bought my house from in 1994, who may well be turning 70.

Since I don't have a forwarding address, I assume she will find out anyway and renew it.

They don't usually send out postal reminders for ordinary renewals, as I discovered when I tried to use my DL as ID a couple of years ago and was told it had expired.

I'm assuming I can just 'return to sender' without further consequences.

As it happens I did get a postal reminder before I turned 70, I think because I still had an old paper driving licence from the mid-90s before they issued the photo ID card. 

Mind you, if they still only have a 1994 address for her, that's a seriously invalid DL she's holding.



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