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Hello everyone,

Do people know whats going on with Jam in a jar?

Their social media said there were closing after the new years night, then suddenly they were posting new content as if they had never closed.

Their Facebook has some really weird posts from people asking if its under new management and them either ignoring the posts or saying they bought it off the previous owners. When you look at their Google reviews since the new management they are mostly one start reviews with comments like:

"Since the change of ownership, despite the new management claims of "nothing is changing", the only thing remaining from Jam in a Jar is the name. The vibe changed completely, with bouncers at the door, shady crowd inside and an uninviting atmosphere. Once a venue for good live music, now questionable choice of DJs and lack of soul prevails. Can only hope they go under soon and are replaced by something more alike to the predecessors."

"New owners, obviously a front for something, with a suspicious bouncer on the door."

"Absolutely tragic what’s happened to this place. I popped in after the change in ownership just to see what it’s like. It feels like Donald trump killed Dolly Parton and is now wearing her skin. Gone is the local art, friendly staff and fun music. It was completely empty on a Thursday night and they were blaring awful Balkan techno. It might look the same but the soul is gone. Can just hope it will close in 3 months and be replaced with something better."

Does anyone know whats going on with this place, it was one of the best places to go in Haringey.

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Went last weekend and it was definitely bizarre, hadn't heard about the closing down/change of ownership so we just walked in expecting the usual place. One entrance was blocked off, there were two bouncers, the room with the stage was curtained off, also controlled by a door person. I'll second the Balkan techno comment, lots of male gym enthusiasts with the big beard no hair compulsory tracksuit uniform. I mean it lost half the charm when they did the totally unnecessary refurb last year but now it's like a prison rec yard.

I think abraço PM has stopped opening in the PM so the only places left to get a cocktail in this long as hell strip is brouhaha and the pub? Nowhere to watch a band obviously, that'd be too much, you could fit 3 more barbers in a music venue.

"prison rec yard" - I did chuckle

It’s incredible that they can afford the staff overhead of bouncers, with no discernible change to the business model. Let’s see how long they stay afloat with the extra cost and (likely) less clientele. My guess is - a while.  

So interestingly I looked it up, a new license holder was appointed on 16th October 2023 but set up the company JAM IN A JAR LTD in June.

Which is a bar "Unlicensed restaurants and cafes"

Which is now been renamed to: BORIS TRADING LTD

However if you start looking at this address, you start seeing some weird things.

The new license holder was appointed JAMIRYO LTD director in Jan 2024 as as the old director stepped down:

Which is the same address as the JAM IN A JAR LTD but registered as:

  • 56101 - Licensed restaurants
  • 56103 - Take-away food shops and mobile food stands
  • 56302 - Public houses and bars

It has Total Liabilities £-103.84k

Also registered at the same address with different company owners is:

This place has been passed around by companies with similar names every few years and runs multiple businesses at the same address, each new person seemed to take over the bar and pass it to another person every few years.

I think what has happened is the new licence holder has decided actually running a good bar to launder money is more effort than its worth. 

Agreed there’s a lot of legal entity movement for what’s basically a food service establishment. The average lifespan of a small business in the UK is c.8.5 years (albeit this may be shorter for food service estsblishments especially around the pandemic.) Notwithstanding we don’t see that level of change is some of the longer serving places on the high street. 

Think you might be right, subtle it is not. And certainly explains why it looked like the annual people traffickers convention when we went. Maybe they'll find a new person to turn it into a good bar, at least until it starts accidentally becoming a success again.

For Stuart and Kotkas, 
I honestly can't see it closing or coming back. This happened to 4 coffee shops near me, now they close and reopen with new names and interior every few months but its the same owners and 2 of 3 men that goto them... seems the perfect way to launder money, police and council seem uninterested.

I can't recommend anything quite like the jar for music and cocktails but I have discovered these places recently and really enjoying them:





I want to support these good independent businesses because maybe it will get more of them in the area

Thanks for these recommendations. I’d not heard of any of them!

You may know of it, but Ten To One on Phillip Lane is a great cocktail bar. Very friendly owner and a great atmosphere: https://maps.app.goo.gl/LymHfWnp9yNEY9417?g_st=ic

Ten to One is great. Very good cocktails indeed. 

I had also never heard of Ten To One, so 100% going check that out. 

If there are any other cool places please let me know!

Always so much speculation about money laundering when it comes to these types of businesses... But London is a hot spot for money laundering ...after all why did the Russians come here back in the day when they were still in favour? And before them despots and dictators from all around the world ... I believe they call it direct foreign investment 

It's truly saddening that Jam in a Jar had to change management.

As a regular since its early days, I've developed a special bond with the place. Quto, the face of Jam, isn't just an acquaintance but a dear friend who has been a great support since we met back in 2012.

It's disheartening to see how quickly people jump to criticise and accuse without solid proof, only assumptions. When I moved to Haringey, I encountered stereotypes about Turkish/Kurdish people being involved in illegal activities. While I'm aware of past incidents in the area, such as fights and illegal dealings, it's unfair to generalise or jump to conclusions about the management of Jam in a Jar.

Many are unaware of the challenges Quto faced, which he explained to me during our conversations. These include running the business on an almost non-profit model, offering free live music (while nearby venues charge significantly for the same bands), providing fair wages and benefits to staff, and managing high operational costs with lower revenue. Despite multiple changes in ownership and efforts to maintain its essence, financial struggles have been a constant.

Now, there are individuals merely checking the Companies House website to scrutinize the history of the legal owners of Jam in a Jar, accusing them of money laundering. To my knowledge, the establishment has undergone numerous changes in ownership yet consistently retained Quto and some others, who are the face of the place. Unfortunately, they eventually lost their investment due to higher operational costs and lower revenue over time. It's important to note that the identity of the investors is their private matter, and they are under no obligation to make this public. In my opinion, this situation is simply a history of unsuccessful businesses. 

Critics on this platform should try to view things from a different perspective. The micro-racism and bigotry I've witnessed here are as baseless as blaming entire nationalities for the actions of a few.

My hope for Quto is peace, happiness, and freedom from stress and undue pressure. I'm grateful for the beautiful moments and the diverse music that Jam in a Jar brought to Haringey, a true cultural gem. Farewell to one of London's last havens for free live music, and best wishes to the new owners and managers of the premises whoever they are.



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