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I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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I disagree James. If we all move on, as you suggest, there is no accountability for a bad decision. And in Haringey people are continually expected to move on. Move on after all that money was wasted on Ally Pally. Move on after those millions were wasted on the council building deal. And now this. They can't blame this on the Tories.

Here here. I just hope the electorate kick out Labour in the next local election. But I doubt it and that's the issue isn't it. They know it as well. 

Just so. Here in Enfield the Labour Council lost 8 seats in the last election, largely due to the Greens getting a protest vote. But the Council remain unapologetic, continuing to ride roughshod over the wishes of the people. Flogging off a golf course to spurs, building a massive incinerator, targeting Green Belt land to sell...all unpopular. We really need PR but I fear the chances of that are not good as fptp suits the two main entirely undemocratic parties all too well...

Road names change, it's not a big deal. According to the Friends of Lordship Rec, West Green Road was one called Black Hope Lane. That's a nicer name than Black Boy Lane yet it was changed at some point. Lordship Lane was called Berry Lane - I'd argue that's a much nicer name too. But places don't stay fixed in time, nor should be want them to.


Many of the point raised already I heartily agree with - L have no problem with the removal of statues / renaming of places when there is a genuine grievance but that is simply not the case here - many of the voices protesting - mine included- are  pointing out the fallacy of the supposed consultation process and especially the large sums of money spent. Those sums will increase because the council has had to offer every resident ( of Black Boy Road ) a one off payment of £300 to cover their admin costs of changing documents such as licences passport’s insurance etc. don’t know how many people involved but even my simple maths says it’s a lot of £!

This street artist/graffiitist is not in favour (image via @vivyouvell).

Brilliant! Excellent use of art as social comment . .. and as for “ getting over it” I’m fed up of “getting over” all sorts of things - from Brexit to elections to disgrace … ad nauseum.

I wonder how the "London borough of the residents" should run itself. Some sort of group of representatives should be elected by the residents to run things, I'd imagine.

That's such a great bit of street art. I love it. I wonder if the council will try to remove it. 

It’s gone but looks like by more graffiti 

I would like to politely suggest that you get over it.

I have lived half my life in Hong Kong where a large number of streets have names with a colonial connotation, including one that translates as 'The Queen of England Road'  China has not moved to change anything.



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