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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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My father held an Irish passport for the whole of his life but he was involved in a campaign to have a permanent memorial to Wearmouth Collery, where he worked, when it was demolished and Sunderland AFC bought it for their new ground.  He and his marra’s achieved that.

When I worked as a visitor guide at both Ashley House and Kenwood House those visiting certainly weren’t only English people with deep roots.

People are interested or not - that’s all.

That's good. Well done to you both.

So the council renamed a road that caused offence to many people. Good.

Well no. The council is attempting to rename a road claiming it was offensive when it wasn't. Now it has offended a lot of people both in Harringay and across the country and created division where there was none. 

Tno it didn't... you've really missed the point here. 

Yes, it really is as simple as that.

No, it really isn't that simple. The main issues are: loss of cultural heritage, inconvenience for residents, how the council prioritises its focus and resources, several hundred thousand pounds wasted, a deliberately flawed consultation processes and a complete disregard for democracy. There are secondary issues as well.

Well said

The fact that Haringey can ill-afford the expenditure and should be focusing on improving one of the most deprived boroughs in the country was referenced on the New Culture Forum as well today. Watch from about 5mins onwards. 

Here's an independent and apolitical report to a much wider readership by someone who's clearly read and referenced, in part, the extensive discussions on HoL.


Also, the issue was reported on BBC Radio London this morning from 0700 (online till 24th February).

I like Diamond Geezer but there are a few inaccuracies in his post. For instance the Black Boy pub sign didn't have a piccinini character. It was a chimney sweep (see picture).

It was an ok pub. They used to have reggae nights and I recall that Bernie Grant was occassionally there. The claims of derogatory signs etc were made up to support the new narrative.

Part of the problem is that we have a council leadership that is tone deaf. Personally, I accept two things: that there is no definitive answer to the question of whether Black Boy Lane has racist or colonialist history. I also accept that some people found the name in some way offensive or jarring -- and that whatever the truth about the street name's origins, some people, now and in the future, would still feel uneasy with the name. 

The mistake the council made was not so much in proposing to rename the road, but in choosing a name that appeared to make a political 'point'. 

Had they been smarter, and considered everybody's feelings properly, they might have chosen a new name that was "neutral", such as, say, Chestnuts Lane.

But no, they decided on a name that established a sort of "linkage" with the old name. In my opinion, that was a mistake. They no doubt feel good about what they have done, but they have caused bad feeling in so doing.

Their approach played to the gallery, while at the same time alienating the people they should have been trying to get on-side.

That said, I think it's time to move on now. 



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