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I'm still shaking my head at this. The Council has spent so much on something noone wants. I don't know why the English don't stand up to this sort of thing. It would never happen in Turkey or Greece. This guy sums it up perfectly.

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A few of the residents have pointed out that the name the council is trying to impose makes for an amusing anagram of the council leader responsible.

You cannot make Totally incompetent prat out of the new name..?

" The Council said that significant numbers of residents were opposed to the change " I thought  a clear majority of respondents were opposed. Is this what is meant by " economical with the truth " ?

I would say that the people who actually live on Black Boy Lane are the residents and those who do not aren't.

Whatever you may think about the BBL issue how on earth can it be characterised as history being hijacked by immigrants as the fella on the video claims?

I don't think it's being hijacked but its definitely being erased. This is just part of the bigger effort to rename, remove or relocate historic place names, statues and other aspects of English history that a small number of people find 'problematic'. And yes often those people don't have deep roots in England. Ahmet, Khan and Ejiofor aren't exactly old English family names. Now I'm not suggesting they should not be able to propose changes or take part in democratic processes but they won't value the heritage of England in the same way as people whose families have lived here for generations and generations. My family are recent arrivals. I wouldn't presume to make such changes. Its like letting someone move into your house and having them want to move everything around and throw out the armchair that your grandmother used to sing to you in. I can tell you how far a bunch of English people would get it they moved to Instanbul or Limassol and tried this sort of thing.

My parents were born in Limerick.  Does my lack of “deep roots” mean I don’t value English heritage?  Or is that generalisation only applicable if someone doesn’t have an English sounding name like mine?

Not necessarily but you're more likely to value it than people who have no roots here at all. 

My father held an Irish passport for the whole of his life but he was involved in a campaign to have a permanent memorial to Wearmouth Collery, where he worked, when it was demolished and Sunderland AFC bought it for their new ground.  He and his marra’s achieved that.

When I worked as a visitor guide at both Ashley House and Kenwood House those visiting certainly weren’t only English people with deep roots.

People are interested or not - that’s all.

That's good. Well done to you both.

So the council renamed a road that caused offence to many people. Good.

Tno it didn't... you've really missed the point here. 



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