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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The Harringay Passage is continuing its role as a communication channel for Harringay. In this case we have some graffiti very much in line with current events. So is this the work of an ISIS supporter, a yoof (or some yooves) looking to shock or just OAE making a philosophical jest?

I love the red spatters around it. Is this coincidence or comment, I wonder. As to the message off to the left, I have no idea what that word means (don't read it if you're easily shocked though).

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Hmmm some new graffiti overnight, Hewitt end of the Hewitt/Seymour passage - Scotland Scotland Scotland Scotland etc. No idea if the same person though some similarities. I wonder if a yes or a no voter?

(I've reported it).

It's a shame we have such an unimaginative graffitist. I wonder why they picked that same spot?

Perhaps they're both satirical comments on the relentlessness of news coverage? This could run and run – a different topic every week...

Great thanks

I'll ignore the yoof comment  #Cheeky!

On a serious note, this is not the first time Haringey/Harringay has been a target for "extremists". In the mid/late 1990s we had the Tottenham Ayatollah whose real name is Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.

I am sure we have not returned back to those days. But hope this has been reported to the police?

Read the comments on page 1.



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