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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The Harringay Passage is continuing its role as a communication channel for Harringay. In this case we have some graffiti very much in line with current events. So is this the work of an ISIS supporter, a yoof (or some yooves) looking to shock or just OAE making a philosophical jest?

I love the red spatters around it. Is this coincidence or comment, I wonder. As to the message off to the left, I have no idea what that word means (don't read it if you're easily shocked though).

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mene mene tekel upharsin appeared in the Guardian Weekend Quiz yesterday and I wonder if some 'artiste' has not given us the 'opportunity' to examine, not only the graphic resonance of the piece, but the layered texturing, not only within the (goes on for pages) I wonder if the ango saxon terminology wasn't put in as a response, but its very restraint almost lends it a poignancy that etc etc.


Definitely Eddie's (OAE's) doing, the ole radical

A radical imam has been known to preach outside Boots Wood Green occasionally. Maybe he managed to inspire someone ...

Clearly the work of a worshipper of the Goddess ISIS, a mother and wife and patron of the poor. Don't know where people get these paranoid ideas from....

An enthusiastic Oxford wet bob ( rowing ) ?

Since Arabic is written from right to left, perhaps this is a supporter of mass murdering military dictator of Egypt, President Sisi? 

Just some local WANKSY with an axe to grind, hoping some Guardian journalist will happen along. Thanks for the attribution, though.

Really shrewd of the Caliphate to change to IS and get double the publicity from their spray can.

Apparently our wonderful local bobby, Glyn Kelly, picked this up from this posting and this morning the graffiti has been professionally removed. Quick work!

I reported this to the council via the ap last Friday?
Surely this should be taken in the tone of "'I' is therefore I am" ?.

We think that's what OAE was getting at when he went on his midnight grafitti jaunt.



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