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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey's Dave Morris, in his capacity as Chair of the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, says so. 

He continues,

“Budget cuts to staffing and maintenance are leaving them vulnerable to neglect and deterioration, or even sell offs. Many people think local councils are legally responsible for maintaining local parks and open spaces but unfortunately, unlike waste collection, that’s not the case yet.”

And as the group launch a 'Charter for Parks', he calls on politicians “to take action to ensure these essential and highly-popular public resources are properly funded, managed, maintained, and protected for current and future generations.”

Dave adds: “As the voice of the movement of more than 6,000 local Friends of Parks Groups throughout the UK we [National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces] recognise the immense contribution that these community volunteers are playing. Now it’s time for government to show an equal commitment to act. The public will not forgive political leaders who let the sun set on the UK’s parks.”

The Charter calls on ministers in England, Wales and Scotland to make it a legal requirement for all parks and green spaces to be maintained and managed to a “good standard.”

It also calls on them “to recognise the right of every citizen to have access within walking distance to a good-quality public green space.”

To add my own 2p to this, I can't recall where I saved this quote from but for me it encapsulates the current crisis in parks, libraries and public space very well

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All credit to Dave for raising this issue. However I believe that if a park is held under the Open Spaces Act 1906, which some - for instance Ally Pally - are, then under s10 the council does have a positive duty to "maintain and keep the open space or burial ground in a good and decent state".

Ally pally is run by a Charity not the Council.  It relies on the money it makes from events.  They can’t even afford more bins! They do what they can but members of the public do not help by littering this open space

Umm ... the council is trustee of the charity.



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