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Is there a local mortgage broker who can urgently help a local MP, Kate Osamor? Or a landlord to rent her a private home?

Kate Osamor MP and her son have a joint income of over £130,000 pa. They live together nearby in Tottenham in a council house worth £750,000.

If we can help them to get a mortgage, or a new landlord, a homeless family will benefit from their social housing. 

Kate is the Labour MP for nearby Edmonton. Her son, Ishmael, has just resigned from being a local Haringey Labour councillor after pleading guilty to the possession of hard drugs at the Bestial Festival in rural Dorset.

Ishmael works as her assistant in the House of Commons and earns £43,835. 

I'm sure they would appreciate a mortgage to help them to get a home of their own. The Harringay Ladder would be an ideal location. Interest rates are very low, particularly at the ethical Co-Operative Bank. 


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Yes indeed honest industrious MPs abound.

Re the Sun article recycled for clickbait - that's why I first wrote 'Troll - meh' and later expanded on why the original post was so iniquitous.



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