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The Haringey Teaching Apiary is a small cooperative that manages a few beehives at the Alexandra Palace Allotments and teaches people about beekeeping. This year we have some surplus honey and we're wondering about trying to sell it to raise money to help fund the running of the apiary.

Supermarkets charge about £2:50 for mass produced processed honey, or £4 for more natural honey, what would you pay for our local honey from flowers around the allotments and Alexandra Palace and bottled here on the Harringay Ladder? Would £5 a jar be excessive to help support the HTA?

There are rules about selling honey so its potentially a bit too much for us with our limited  resources,  but i thought i'd ask here to see if there was any interest. Is there? Let me know here or at xxxx

Update: Thanks for all the interest, but i'm getting flooded by requests! So removing my email and closing this discussion. I'll let you all know if/when the honey is available.

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Count me in as well please.

£5 a jar?  No-brainer.


Definitely and spreading the word will be easy, just need date and times of when we can buy

Fantastic idea and it is supposed to help hayfever sufferers - good selling point. £5 is very reasonable. Good luck!

I'd love to have some. 

What wonderful news that you have a surplus. 

We get such terribly gloomy statistics about bees recently that it is really heartening to read that you are doing well.



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